​Financial and Organizational Disclosures Regarding Our Hospital

Hamilton Health Care System

Consistent with its mission to serve the community, Hamilton Health Care System has a longstanding commitment to public transparency in its operations and finances. In 2019, Georgia passed House Bill 321, which requires not-for-profit hospitals like Hamilton to organize certain financial and organizational information – most of which Hamilton has already made available to the public – in one place on its website. Hamilton is proud to serve our community by providing high quality, innovative healthcare for all stages of life. We welcome the opportunity to openly share with our patients, families, and neighbors the many ways we are investing in the future of healthcare and in the future of the community we serve. Through sound financial stewardship and a dedicated focus to our mission, Hamilton is proud to bring expanded services and advanced treatment options to our community so that compassionate, excellent care is available close to home. From the Anna Shaw Children’s Institute and Peeples Cancer Institute, to the newly renovated and expanded Bandy Endoscopy Center, and many more expansions and updates, Hamilton is growing healthcare for our community today and into the future.

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