Breast Cancer

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    Changes in the breast occur naturally over a woman’s lifetime. Some changes are harmless, but other developments need medical intervention.

    Hamilton Health Care takes breast health seriously. That’s why we offer the best in diagnostic testing and treatment options for both malignant (cancerous) and benign (non-cancerous) breast issues. Breast cancer patients at Hamilton benefit from the combined care of a radiologist, breast cancer surgeon, radiation oncologist and medical oncologist.

    According to our cancer registry data, Hamilton has treated 559 breast cancer patients with breast-conserving surgery followed by radiation diagnosed from 1989 through 2009. Only three of those patients developed a local recurrence of their breast cancer. This results in a 99.46% local control rate.

    New Treatments at Hamilton 

    A new breast cancer treatment at Hamilton Medical Center can cut therapy times by ninety percent. That means patients have more time to concentrate on healing and living their fullest life.

    While traditional radiation therapy requires five to seven weeks of treatments, Hamilton’s new program offers a more precisely targeted approach that is equally effective and requires only five days. This new regimen delivers the same level of cancer-destroying radiation, but much more targeted. The more precise biopsy-based targeting also reduces risk to surrounding healthy tissue.

    Other options like chemotherapy and certain medication therapies are more appropriate for certain kinds of diagnoses. Hamilton’s health care team works with each patient to determine the best course of action.