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Nancy E. Carnevale, MDDevelopmental-Behavioral Pediatrics

Nancy Carnevale, MD

Nancy Carnevale, MD  is a board-certified Child Development Pediatrician at  Anna Shaw Children's Institute in Dalton, GA. Dr. Carnevale specializes in attention disorders, autism spectrum disorders, behavioral and developmental challenges, and more. Dr. Carnevale graduated from Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts, attended medical school at Brown University in Rhode Island, and completed her residency in pediatrics at the University of Connecticut. She also completed her fellowship at Brown University and is board certified in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities. While practicing pediatric medicine and serving as an assistant professor, she found her passion for treating children with complex disorders. Since 1997, she has cared for children with developmental delays, as well as provide guidance to their families. Call 706.226.8900 for more information.

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