Flowers - Fresh

Flowers always bring cheer! We have a variety of choices for each season and every holiday!

Ceramic Dish Garden


Ceramic Dish Garden ThumbnailSend special thoughts to a friend or loved one with beautiful green plants in a decorative container. Plants and containers will vary by season.


Dish Garden Basket


Dish Garden Basket ThumbnailMixed live green plants arranged in a large wicker basket with a splash of color.


Mixed Basket Arrangement


Mixed Basket Arrangement ThumbnailFresh seasonal flowers arranged in basket with matching bow make a very special gift. Flowers and containers will vary according to season, but will be selected based on recipient.


Mug Arrangement


Mug Arrangement ThumbnailA fresh seasonal flower arrangement in reusable coffee mug is guaranteed to spread cheer.


Seasonal Flower Arrangement


Seasonal Flower Arrangement ThumbnailFresh seasonal flower arrangement in vase - prices range from $10-$40. Please call 706-272-6195 for prices and availability.