‘Super Sepsis Man’ Visits Hamilton Medical Center To Promote Awareness

Monday, October 10, 2016


“Super Sepsis Man” recently visited Hamilton Medical Center (HMC) to promote sepsis awareness. September is Sepsis Awareness Month.

 Sepsis is the body’s overwhelming and possibly life-threatening response to an infection. People with weakened immune systems, babies and young children and elderly people are more at risk.

Typical symptoms of sepsis include fever, chills, rapid breathing and heart rate, rash, and disorientation.

To avoid sepsis, it is recommended to get treated for possible infections quickly, take all prescribed antibiotics until finished or consult your doctor to see if you must finish and if you feel you are getting worse or developing worse or severe pain while on antibiotics, go to the closest emergency department.

Keeping patients safe is a top priority at HMC. Recently, CareChex awarded HMC with the 2017 Patient Safety Award for Overall Hospital Care.



Photos: 1: From left are Anita Dunn, RN; Rebecca Sane, RN; Sarah Guinn, RN; Terra Partee, RN; Super Sepsis Man (Jeff Rentfro); and Amanda Peeples, RN.

2. From left are Vernon Elliot, RN; Lauren Nunnelly, RN; Super Sepsis Man (Jeff Rentfro); Jennifer Ward, RN; and Brandy Salazar, clinical manager.