HMC to begin MICU project, parking to be effected

Monday, July 28, 2014

parking changes during constructionDALTON, Ga. – Hamilton Medical Center (HMC) will begin its Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) expansion in August and will continue until approximately the end of 2015.

The new MICU will include 14 state-of-the-art rooms with expanded space for patient clinical services and family. The unit will have bigger patient rooms and a floor plan designed to support the most current therapies and treatments used in critical care medicine while also promoting patient safety.

For a number of months, a large team of Hamilton associates has been working an exhaustive plan to ensure that MICU patients will continue to receive the high level of critical care that they need. Patients have been recently moved to a unit near the current MICU that has been equipped with all the needed technology and supplies for caring for critically ill patients.

In preparation for the start of the project, Emergency Department and Westcott Behavioral Health parking will be relocated to the lower level of the parking garage, with some additional spots just outside the garage available to patients and guests. This change will be in effect beginning on Monday, Aug. 4.

The Emergency Department parking change will be in effect during the entire project. The parking garage elevator will need to be shut down during construction, however, a golf cart shuttle will be available for visitors and patients along with a “help phone” located in the lower level of the parking deck.

The current Westcott Behavioral Health entrance will be open until Aug. 15 but will be closed permanently after that date. Guests who want to visit patients on the unit will have access by entering the main hospital building and taking an elevator to the second floor.

Beginning in early October, the current Emergency Department waiting area will be closed and will remain closed for a significant portion of the construction. During that time, the entrance will be located just down from the current entrance. An expanded temporary waiting area will be set up.

“Though we’ve been working on minimizing disruption during this project for some time now, we know it will likely be an inconvenience for our patients, guests and even our associates,” said Sandy McKenzie, COO. “We really appreciate your patience and understanding during the process. We know the new unit will be a vast improvement in taking care of our critically ill patients.”