Hamilton’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program - full, productive lives

Friday, February 15, 2013

DALTON, Ga.– Dalton resident William Sanders had been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, but due to his weakened condition after treatment, his doctor referred him to Hamilton Medical Center’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.  “I can see the improvements I’ve made, and that’s rewarding,” he says.

He says while participating in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, he’s seen an increase in stamina, and his walking has improved. He had to somewhat learn how to walk again after being in bed for a long time due to his illness. “My improvement was also due to a good nurse (my wife) and God as my advocate,” he says.

Sanders has also used the program after a heart attack and seen continued improvements.

Hamilton’s Cardiac Rehab program can help patients feel healthier and allow them to return to a full and productive life and help prevent other heart problem. Those who have had a heart attack, bypass surgery, stents, congestive heart failure or other cardiovascular disease are strong candidates for the program. 
Cardiac Rehab at Bradley Wellness Center is a 12-week, medically supervised program for the recovering cardiac patient. The program includes monitored exercises, educational sessions, dietary consults and behavioral change interventions. The goal of this program is to equip the patient with the necessary tools to be able to make the appropriate choices and changes to help increase his or her physical, mental and emotional well-being.

The program includes:
• Initial interview with a cardiac rehabilitation specialist who will carefully evaluate the needs of the patient and recommend an individualized program
• Personal, supervised, monitored exercise sessions
• Patient and family education (individual and group sessions)
• Cholesterol testing
• Nutritional counseling
• Assistance in developing a safe home exercise program
• Encouragement and support from the staff.

Tina Black, director of the program, says patients are treated like family.

 Jessica Gowin, exercise, physiologist for Hamilton's Cardiac Rehab program, monitors William Sanders, Cardiac Rehab patient.
 Jessica Gowin, exercise physiologist for Hamilton’s Cardiac Rehab program, monitors William Sanders, Cardiac Rehab patient.

“I’ve enjoyed meeting people at Cardiac Rehab,” says Sanders. “It’s good to talk to other people who are having similar health problems. It’s kind of a support system. Another thing I like about the program is that they allow your spouse to come and work out with you as long as there’s space.”

Hamilton’s cardiac team consists of physicians, a registered nurse, exercise physiologists, and a registered dietitian who work together to provide specialized services including exercise prescriptions, dietary consults and education on various health topics for the patient and their family.

After graduating from Hamilton’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, each patient is encouraged to continue exercise with the maintenance program called PREP (Progressive Rehabilitation Exercise Program).

A physician’s referral is required for Cardiac Rehab and PREP. After receiving the physician’s referral, a staff member will contact the patient to set an appointment for an initial assessment. Upon completion, the program is ready to begin.

“They’re (Cardiac Rehabilitation staff) just terrific. They’re very responsive to questions, and they monitor you the whole time. They’re really nice.”

For more information, call 706-278-9355 or visit bradleywell.com/cardiac-rehab.