Wound Care - External

Healing Wounds, Improving Lives

While it has been providing wound care on a small scale in the hospital for many years, Hamilton Medical Center (HMC) opened its dedicated outpatient Wound Care Center in December 2007 and is located at the Medical Arts Building, 1109 Burleyson Road, Suite 102 in Dalton. The Center began offering Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in October 2009. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm and no referral is necessary to be seen.

Wounds or sores that show no sign of improvement in four weeks or fail to heal in eight weeks are considered a non-healing wound.

There are several categories of wounds that don't heal.   The most common are related to peripheral vascular disease (poor circulation in the legs), either in the arteries or the veins, and wounds or ulcers associated with diabetes.

Hamilton Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center also plays an important preventive role for many patients. "We're able to help people stay out of the hospital by taking care of their wounds on an outpatient basis," reports Rena Hernandez, RN. "Not only do we keep patients' wounds from getting worse, we also teach them how to take care of their skin."

For more information on Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, or to make an appointment, call 706-272-6596.