Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

At Hamilton Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center, we offer patients the very best in state of the art wound care in a convenient setting that is close to home. Our team of experts offers help to individuals who have wounds that have been difficult to heal on there own or with standard wound treatment.  These wounds include, but are not limited to:

  • Non healing surgical wounds
  • Radiation induced wounds (visible and internal wounds)
  • Diabetic wounds
  • Vascular leg ulcers
  • Trauma wounds
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Wounds caused by swelling, cancer, burns, infection or connective tissue diseases

Certain patients will require as part of the treatment program, hyperbaric medicine, a relatively new, rapidly emerging treatment for wound care. Patients most likely to benefit for hyperbaric medicine are those patient who are struggling with the late effects of radiation following cancer treatment, diabetic wounds, non-

Wound Care - Hyperbaric Therapy

healing surgical wounds and chronic bone infections.


Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) is a mode of therapy in which the patients to breathe 100% oxygen at pressures greater than normal atmospheric - sea level - pressure. It works to increase oxygen supply to the wound, promote formation of new blood vessels, prevent edema and prohibit microbial activity in the wound. HBO is often effective with patients that have not responded to conventional treatment.

Cindy Dixon, Director of the Hamilton Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center adds, "Residents of this community previously had to leave town to access this type of care. With the addition of HBO our patients now have access to state of the art wound care in the local community."

Some common indications for HBO therapy include diabetic ulcers that don’t heal with conventional therapy, wounds and conditions caused by radiation, chronic bone Infections, and non-healing skin grafts and flaps.

A typical HBO treatment regimen will consist of 30 to 40 individual treatments for most patients, although that number may vary based on each patient’s response to the treatment. Each treatment lasts about 2 hours and is administered daily until healing has occurred.

The Hamilton Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center is located in Suite 102 of the Medical Arts Building at 1109 Burleyson Road.  The highly trained staff and physicians at the center specialize in dealing with patients that are struggling with non-healing wounds.

For more information on Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, or to make an appointment, call 706-272-6596.

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