Board of Trustees

WHF - Trustees 2017 

Blake Adcock, Gary Asbury,  Murray Bandy,  Michel Bates, Jane Boggs,  Erica Bronson, Kim Brown, Kevin Brunson,  Roger Cheek,  Oliver Cobb,  James Coker,  Brandon Combs,  Bill Crawford,  Nancy Crutchfield,  Chuck Dobbins, Jim Elrod,  Rob Estes,  Donna Greeson, David Gregg,  Bryan Griffin, Mark Griffin,  Debra Haney,  Brian Henton, Kelly Jones,  Walter Jones,  Mark Joyce, Brenda Knowles, Steve Laird, James Lesslie,   Charles Maret, Bryan McAllister, Jody McClurg, Tom Minor, IV, Jeff Myers,  Rick Myers,  Dan Peeples,  Toffamu Pedtty, Will Pridgen,  Pete Purvis,  Jeff Riddlebarger,  Brooks Rizer, Scott Sellers,  Cheryl Sherrill,  Pete Sigmon,  Robert Smalley,  Jane Snipes,  Cathy Snyder, Henry Tharpe,  Jerry Watkins,  Steve White,  Larry Winter,  Bill Wright, and Chris Yarbrough.
In addition, the following individuals have been designated as Life Associates who have provided extraordinary services, support, and contributions to the Whitfield Healthcare Foundation:  Don Adcock, Jack Bandy, Mary “Sis” Brown, Charles Hendry, John Knight, Lamar Lyle, Dot Reich, and Bob Shaw.