Hamilton honors its volunteers 2015

Monday, November 23, 2015

HMC Volunteers at luncheon 2015 DALTON, Ga.  – Hamilton Medical Center (HMC) recently held its annual volunteer luncheon at the Dalton Golf and Country Club, honoring those who have donated their time to the organization. 

“Our volunteers are amazing individuals who give their time to those in need,” said Gay Ann Talley, Volunteer Services supervisor. “I am so grateful to have these individuals here at Hamilton.”

During the event, attendees observed a moment of silence in remembrance of Mary Louise Snyder and Andrew Wood, volunteers who passed away in the last year. “They both served for a number of years – Mary Louise from March 2005 to July 2014, and Andrew from April 2010 to June 2015,” Talley said. “I loved them both so much. They were so special.”

A large segment of the luncheon event includes recognition of outstanding volunteers as well as acknowledgement and appreciation for hours and years of service.

Hubert Marsh volunteerHubert Marsh was the recipient of the Eva McCamy Award this year. The Eva McCamy Award this year was bestowed upon our friend and volunteer Hubert Marsh. The award was created many years ago to honor Eva McCamy for her outstanding, selfless, dedicated volunteer service for Hamilton Medical Center.

“Hubert has been a volunteer for the past six years, serving Hamilton patients and guest with his bright smile and quick wit,” Talley said. “Hubert possesses our PRIDE (Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Diligence, Excellence) values and serves with compassion each and every day. We are truly blessed to have him as a volunteer.  His services are not limited to the hospital. He serves other volunteers by picking them up for appointments, bringing them to volunteer activities – anything he can do to make it easier on them.”  

Years-of-service pins were given to Jean Adhya, Gary Barnes, Catherine Blackwell, Rita Crawford, Stacy Davidson, Vickey Gordon, Jim Peavy, Dee Rockett, Candace Sethna, Virginia Wyatt and Andrew Wood (five years).  Wood’s pin was accepted by his parents, Michael and Bonnie White, who were honored guests. Additional years-of-service pins were given to Silvia Borja, Janie DuBose, Barbara Lundy, Jenny McKenney, Lois Robinson and Gene Stong (10 years); Carolyn Berry (15 years); and Delores Boyd (20 years).

Hours-of-service pins went to Jean Adhya, Charles Barthel, Larry Bledsoe, Denny Donegan, Terr Ella Flood, Catherine Ann Geissinger, Eric Geissinger, Nancy Hampton, Billie Little, Sandra Lowe, Hubert Marsh, Kay Moore, Gail Murphree, Hazel Pedersen, Joel Phillips and Fanny Valiente (over 250 hours of service); Roger Ellis and Vickey Gordon (over 500 hours of service); and Dave Crawford (over 750 hours of service).

HMC volunteers at luncheon 2015PRIDE values awards were presented to Dorothy Brooks (Professional), Addie Allen (Respect) Ann Warren (Integrity), Brad Jones and his service dog Marti (Diligence), and Charles Barthel (Excellence).

“They (volunteers) are in constant contact with people from the community and the surrounding area during the most celebrated times – the birth of a child – and at their darkest hours – when our loved ones can no longer hold onto this world,” said Talley.  “Our volunteers are there, holding hands, listening or just sitting quietly with a guest or a patient.”

Top: From left are Catherine Blackwell, Dhani Patel and Cheryl Watson

Hubert_Marsh: Hubert Marsh, recipient of the Eva McCamy Award.

Bottom: From left are Julia Lansing, Ann Warren, Peggy Mashburn and Terr Ella Flood