Hamilton honors its volunteers-2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

 Pictured is Kay Moore, the recipient of this year’s Eva McCamy Award at Hamilton Medical Center. 
Pictured is Kay Moore, the recipient of this year’s Eva McCamy Award at Hamilton Medical Center.

DALTON, Ga. – Hamilton Medical Center (HMC) recently held its annual volunteer luncheon at the Dalton Golf and Country Club, honoring those who have donated their time to the organization.

The volunteers we have at Hamilton are the best!” said Gay Ann Talley, Volunteer Services supervisor. “I am still amazed at the people who come every week and give freely of their time to help others.  Volunteering is a selfless act, and I find our volunteers have a servant heart.  We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful group of volunteers.

During the event, attendees observed a moment of silence in remembrance of Emily Adams Bray who passed away in April. Bray served from 1969 to 2014.

Ronda Rich, syndicated columnist and author, was the guest speaker. Rich’s column appears in more than 50 newspapers.

A large segment of the event includes recognition of outstanding volunteers as well as acknowledgement and appreciation for hours and years of service.

Kay Moore was the recipient of the Eva McCamy Award this year. “Kay’s graceful leadership, gentle spirit, compassion and servant heart has made a lasting impact on many,” said Talley. The award was created many years ago to honor Eva McCamy for her outstanding, selfless, dedicated volunteer service for Hamilton Medical Center.

Charles Barthel was given special recognition during the luncheon for receiving the Veteran of the Year Award at the recent Veteran’s Day Parade.

Years of Service pins were given to, 5 Years; Charles Barthel, Anita Evans, Rita Crawford, Hubert Marsh, Peggy Mashburn, Barbara Meyer, Kay Moore and Shelia Self, five years; Pat Clayton and Tim Hooker, 10 years; Jean Hayes, 15 years; Helen Dardin and Delores Boyd, 20 years; Elizabeth Baldwin and Mildred Maynard, 25 years; Ann Geissinger, 30 years; Billie Little, 40 years; Opal Thomas, 45 years.

Hours of Service pins were given to Catherine Blackwell, Larry Bledsoe, Rita Crawford, Pat Clayton, Denny Donegan, Roger Ellis, Terr Ella Flood, Catherine Ann Geissinger, Eric Geissinger, Jonathan Griggs, Nancy Hampton, Billie Little, Kay Moore, Hazel Pedersen and Fanny Valiente, over 250 hours; Jean Adyha, Vickey Gordon and Joel Phillips, over 500 hours; and Dave Crawford, over 750 hours.

PRIDE Awards, demonstrating Hamilton values, went to Darlene Dinges, Professional; Nancy Hampton, Respect; Ann and Eric Geissinger, Integrity; Joel Phillips, Diligence; and Roger Ellis, Excellence.