Hamilton honors its volunteers- 2013

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

 5years: Pictured are recipients of five-year service pins. From left are Terr Ella Flood, Lisa Barrett and Patricia Sportiello. Not pictured are Denny Donegan, Raleigh Sprowl and Andrew Wein. HMC-10years: Pictured is Pauline Harris, recipient of a 10-year service pin. Dolores Lovingood is not pictured.
HMC-20years: Pictured with Kenny Morgan, volunteer bereavement coordinator for Hamilton Hospice, are Maude Baker and Midge Richards, recipients of 20-year pins.  HMC-15years: Pictured is Yvonne Watts, recipient of a 15-year service pin. Cheryl Watts is not pictured.
 HMC-30years: From left are Hazel Shepherd, Susan Elrod and Lucy Staten, recipients of 30-year pins.  Helen Dardin, recipient of the Eva McCamy Award

DALTON, Ga. – Hamilton Medical Center (HMC) recently held its annual volunteer luncheon, honoring those who have donated their time to the organization. The event was held at the Dalton Golf and Country Club.

“Our volunteers make a significant impact here at Hamilton,” said Shelia Baker, director of Guest and Volunteer Services. “Their support of our patients and families, as well as our hospital staff, provides a valuable part of the healing process. They work hard to make the patients’ experience a positive one.”

During the event, Ken Waddell, HMC’s chaplain, provided a remembrance of three volunteers who had passed away during the past year – Austin Melson, Willisa Marsh and Erma Puckett.

“We cherish the sacred memories of their lives and volunteer service,” said Waddell. “The light that shines in the best of our volunteer spirit is a reflection of their eternal light. We give thanks to the giver of life for the unique, lifelong, contributions which these volunteers made.”
A large segment of the event includes recognition of outstanding volunteers as well as acknowledgement and appreciation for hours and years of service.

Helen Dardin was the recipient of the Eva McCamy Award, created many years ago to honor Eva McCamy for her outstanding, selfless, dedicated volunteer service for Hamilton Medical Center.

Years of Service pins
were given to Lisa Barrett, Denny Donegan, Terr Ella Flood, Patricia Sportiello, Raleigh Sprowl and Andrew Wein five years; Pauline Harrison and Dolores Lovingood, 10 years; Yvonne Otts and Cheryl Watts, 15 years; Midge Richards and Maude Baker, 20 years; and Susan Elrod, Hazel Shepherd and Lucy Staten, 30 years.

Hours of Service pins were given to Shane Abernathy, Pam Ackerman, Larry Bledsoe, Pat Clayton, Rita Crawford, Helen Dardin, Anita Evans, Jonathan Griggs, Pauline Harrison, Billie Little, Hubert Marsh, Kay Moore, Gail Murphree, Hazel Pedersen, Joel Phillips, Bethany Prus, Sugandha Singh and Pat Wild, over 250 hours; Jean Adyha, over 500 hours; Carolyn Cleveland, over 750 hours; Dave Crawford and Vickey Gordon, over 1,000 hours; Janet Leonides, Thao Nguyen and Angelica Rios, over 100 hours (teen volunteers).

PRIDE Awards, demonstrating Hamilton values, went to Hazel Pedersen, Professional; Pat Clayton, Respect; Pat Wild, Integrity; Robin Williams, Diligence; and Kay Moore, Excellence.