Surgery - da Vinci® Robot

    The newest member of Hamilton’s surgical team is a robot! Hamilton was the first hospital in this area to offer the latest generation of the da Vinci® surgical robot featuring advanced 3-D visualization capabilities.

    With its four robotic arms and a superior 3-D visualization system the robot gives surgeons greater precision and control in the operating room, allowing patients to experience smaller incisions, less pain, less blood loss, and quicker recoveries.

    OB/GYN surgeon, Anthony Harbin, MD performed Hamilton’s first robotic procedure on August 18. Dr. Harbin says that the advanced visualization system is amazing. “The view with the robot is like daylight and dark, compared to open surgery or even conventional laparoscopic methods.”

    According to urological surgeon, Charles Idom, MD, “The surgical robot is ideal for procedures such as radical prostatectomy because it gives the surgeon more precision with less risk of nerve damage. It filters out the slightest hand tremors that can affect a traditional open surgery.”

    After making the laparoscopic incisions and positioning the robotic arms, the surgeon is then seated at a nearby remote control panel, viewing the surgical site in 3-D while manipulating the robotic arms.

    Named for Leonardo da Vinci, famed painter, architect, engineer, mathematician and philosopher, the surgical robot is a multi-armed ‘medical masterpiece.’

    For a list of local physicians trained in robotic surgery call 706.226.INFO.

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