Donor Spotlight: Jeff Heffelfinger


                                                    Jeff Heffelfinger

    Jeff Heffelfinger, Service Line Administrator for the Cancer Institute at Hamilton Medical Center

    Jeff joined Hamilton Medical Center in June of 2016 as the new administrator for the Cancer Institute.  He immediately became a Westcott Fellow with the Whitfield Healthcare Foundation so we think he’s terrific.  Read what he recently shared with us.

    Background: I am the youngest of five children of Harold and Doris (Cruea) Heffelfinger. I was raised in Troy, Ohio, along the I-75 corridor, just north of Dayton.

    Education: Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Cedarville University); Master of Science in Health Administration (Central Michigan University); Doctor of Ministry (Graduate Theological Foundation) and Fellow with the American College of Healthcare Executives.

    Work History: I started my career as a licensed social worker providing case management, crisis intervention and suicide prevention services for a community-based mental health program. I transitioned from the provision of mental health care to the provision of medical health care by joining a hospice program, where I led a team and supported patients and families as they navigated through end-of-life decisions and transitions. I was recruited from hospice to oncology by classmates who were hospital administrators in my Master’s degree program, and I have spent the past twenty years developing programs, renovating spaces, and building facilities to accommodate and attend to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of cancer patients and their families.

    Cancer Program Experience: Prior to joining Hamilton, my oncology experience includes leading a community-based cancer center in Ohio (Adena Regional Medical Center), an NCI designated academic program in Indiana (Indiana University Cancer Center), and a multi-hospital corporate health system in North Carolina (Cone Health). Each of these organizations provided the opportunity for me to expand, renovate and/or build new facilities, develop creative and integrative programs to meet the unique needs of the patients they serve, and incorporate an interdisciplinary, holistic approach to delivering oncology care.

    From ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and improving financial performance to increasing work-life satisfaction for associates and enhancing the patient experience, I have found the constant flux and flow of health care to be an exceptionally challenging and rewarding vocation. The prevalence of cancer in our society only emphasizes the need for us to invest in the medical research, clinical delivery systems, and individualized care plans to meet our needs moving forward.

    Family: Wife - Teresa (33 years together), Son - Matthew (age 25), Daughter - Mallory (age 21)

    Hobbies/Interests: Hiking, Kayaking, Fishing, Shooting, Hunting, Horses, Movies, and Reading

    What brought you to Dalton? The opportunity to build a cancer program and facility that will have the compassion, competence, and capacity to meet the needs of our families, friends, and neighbors.

    Why did you join the Foundation in support of the ONE campaign? Every day, four more members of our community receive the news, “You have cancer.” If my gift, in some small way, can ease the burden of their journey by contributing to the facility, program or supportive services they will receive at the Cancer Institute, then I am a firm believer in the cause and am deeply committed to the outcome.

    What excites you about the Cancer Institute plans? From the building design and holistic approach to the clinical competence of the medical providers and commitment of the community, this is an impressive project. I find the opportunity to contribute, through the provision of leadership, guidance and navigation, to be both humbling and inspiring.

    Jeff, you inspire us. Thank you for being ONE with us as a stellar new member of the Foundation and our community.