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Using innovative manual therapy to relieve back pain!


Manual Therapy

Hamilton’s manual therapists specialize in restoring joint function in the spine and extremities and teaching normal biomechanics. These conditions are necessary for a healthy back.

Biomechanics Lab

  • Organic Motion: Marker-less motion capture technology can assist in the evaluation and  treatment of muscularskeletal dysfunctions and enhance sports performance.

  • OptoGait: An innovative gait
    analysis system

  • Neurotracker: Computer technology that builds sports performance and assists with concussion management.

Performance Training

Hamilton’s sports performance trainer customizes exercise training sessions that assist in an individual’s ability to return to his or her sport and physical fitness.

Concussion Management

Baseline and post-concussion testing

Golf Instruction

Take your golf game to the next level! Hamilton Spine Health and Sport is excited to offer an elite-level, in-house golf instruction and player development program to all golfers.