Risk Factors

Are you at risk of developing vascular disease?

  • Someone in my family has/had vascular disease. Y/N

  • I am (or was) a smoker. Y/N

  • I am more than 50 years old. Y/N

  • I have high blood pressure (hypertension). Y/N

  • I have high cholesterol. Y/N

If you answered YES for one or more of these risk factors, you may be at risk of developing vascular disease.

Vascular diseases include:

Aortic Aneurysms: An aortic aneurysm can happen when an area of the abdominal aorta or thoracic aorta weakens and bulges out causing an aneurysm. Over time, the area can further weaken and rupture.

Peripheral Artery Disease: Peripheral artery disease happens when plaque builds up inside the blood vessels causing a condition called atherosclerosis. This reduces blood flow to major arteries in the body, commonly causing Lower Extremity Disease, Carotid Artery Disease, and/or Renal Artery Stenosis.

Hamilton Vascular Center develops treatment plans for those with vascular disease. Treatments include lifestyle changes, medication, and if needed, surgical procedures to repair an aneurysm or restore blood flow.


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