Interested in Practicing?

Thank you for your interest in Hamilton Health and the Dalton - Whitfield community. We are excited about the opportunity to share our story with you.

Here at Hamilton Health we are convinced that shared success is the only appropriate model. This philosophy is most evident as we continue to make tangible progress towards our stated objective that “Hamilton Health Care's mission is to provide leadership that seeks to meet area health care needs with services that advance the quality and dignity of life.” The directors, staff, physicians and volunteers at Hamilton Health are committed to providing the highest quality medical services to every individual patient we serve. As you will see when you explore our website; we have a tradition of doing just that since 1921.

Hamilton Health’s strategic location provides us the unique opportunity to offer a “best case scenario” – a wonderful quality of life, an excellent standard of living and extensive high quality services from board certified physicians with strong ties to the Chattanooga and Atlanta medical community if needed. 

While we are proud of our many accomplishments and accolades it is clearly the high quality physician care that is the cornerstone of Hamilton Health – our success (all of our successes) depends on it. I am confident that as you “look” deeper and learn more about us that you will confirm to your personal satisfaction that Hamilton Health is rare in its true and verifiable commitment to your success (actions complimented by words) and that there is an uncommon commitment to shared success and growth. I encourage you to look thoroughly though the information provided here, and on the web site, in addition to speaking with any peers in our community – we are proud to let our reputation speak for us.

Again, thank you for your interest in Hamilton Health, please do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything additional you need as you consider us further. I am available to you any time to assist with any questions you may have. 


Todd Harrison