3D Mammography at Hamilton Diagnostics Center

    Hamilton Diagnostics Center offers 3D mammography through the use of the GE SenoClaire™. 3D mammography, which is also referred to as digital breast tomosynthesis, enables images of the whole breast to be taken in slices, and then reconstructed in 3D. This helps to enable radiologists to view breast tissue in layers, look between overlapping tissue, and identify abnormalities. 3D mammography is performed with the same level of compression and takes approximately the same amount of time as a regular 2D mammogram.


     3D Mammography
      3D mammography finds 41% more invasive cancers than 2D alone. It can help find cancer in earlier stages and it reduces the chances of being called back for additional screenings and biopsies.

    The key features of 3D mammography are:

    •          No increase in radiation dosage from a 2D standard mammogram to a 3D view (GE)

    •          41% increase in invasive cancer detections (JAMA)

    •          15-37% decrease in the need for additional screenings (JAMA)

    •          Detects cancers earlier than 2D digital mammography (JAMA)


    At Hamilton Diagnostics Center, a special order is not required for 3D mammography. Unlike some other diagnostics centers, 3D mammography is our standard of care and is available to all patients for screening and diagnostic mammograms.


    Hamilton Diagnostics Center’s images are read by a team of experienced radiologists. This trusted team has the benefit of collaboration on complex cases.


    By choosing Hamilton for their diagnostic services, patients are able to follow a guided pathway to Hamilton Health Care System’s broad spectrum of health care. This is often valuable in the event that additional treatment is needed.

    Reminder: Patients are asked to bring a doctor’s order with them to their mammography appointment.