Experiencing abnormal pregnancy symptoms?

    Abnormal pregnancy symptoms (at 19 weeks or less) that should may lead to an emergency room visit:
    be reported to your OB/GYN include:
    •    Vaginal bleeding
    •    Severe abdominal pain on either side of the lower abdomen or dizziness
    •    Symptoms of shock, such as agitation, confusion, or bluish lips and fingernails
    •    A sudden gush of fluid that is not urine or your normal pregnancy discharge
    •    Severe headaches with or without blurred vision
    •    Severe nosebleeds
    •    Severe swelling
    •    Excessive nausea and vomiting

    During pregnancy it is normal to have lots of questions. One of those questions may be what to do if you are experiencing abnormal pregnancy symptoms.

    The best course of action is to immediately call your OB/GYN. They will direct you either to come into the OB/GYN office or seek additional medical assistance. This may include a visit to the Hamilton Medical Center Emergency Care Department.  

    19 weeks or less:

    Hamilton’s Emergency Care Department is equipped to help expectant mothers who are at or below 19 weeks of pregnancy.

    20 weeks or more:

    If you experience one or more of these symptoms and are 20 weeks or more, please call your OB/GYN. You may be instructed to visit Hamilton Medical Center’s Turner Maternal & Infant Care Center where you and your baby will be best cared for.

    You can take comfort in the fact that Hamilton’s award-winning Emergency Care Department and Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is there to serve you and your baby’s medical needs.

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