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    Nuclear Medicine 

    Meet Our Nuclear Team 
    • Hamilton Specialty Imaging (HSI) is the outpatient Nuclear Medicine Department of Hamilton Diagnostics Center.  Located in a separate building at 1436 Broadrick Drive; it is in close proximity to Hamilton Diagnostics Center

    • HSI is at the top of the nuclear technology game.  Our Nuclear Medicine scanners use radioactive pharmaceuticals which are injected into the vein, circulate through the body and concentrate themselves into a specific area such as lungs, heart, kidneys, brain, and even the skeleton.  A Nuclear Medicine exam can last from about 30 minutes to a span of several days.

    • Some Nuclear Medicine procedures require no preparation but others may require medication, food modifications, or special instructions. You will receive instructions for your specific type of exam prior to your visit.

    • All of our Nuclear Technologist staff is certified in their area of expertise and together boast more than 65 years experience.