North Georgia Radiology

    Who is North Georgia Radiology?

    Herschel Martin, MD, began North Georgia Radiology in 1957; serving the NW Georgia area for well over 50 years.   North Georgia Radiology provides a full range of imaging, interpretation services for Hamilton Medical Center, Hamilton Diagnostics Center as well as providing primary interpretation services for multiple private Physician offices in and around the Whitfield and Murray area. 

    What is a Radiologist?

    A Radiologist is a highly trained, specialized medical doctor who reads and interprets your diagnostic image to pinpoint an injury, determine how serous an injury is or to help detect abnormalities such as a possible tumor.


    You will receive two separate bills after completing our diagnostic testing at Hamilton Diagnostics.  The first will be from Hamilton Diagnostics Center for your imaging procedure.  The second will come from North Georgia Radiology for the evaluation and interpretation of your diagnostic test.


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