Hamilton Medical Center is the first hospital in the U.S. to participate in a pilot study to test how an interactive media tool, called Mediavision, can help entertain and inform patients. The pilot study started by implementing the new technology to the Medical Observation Unit where it was a huge success. 

    Currently, the services are only available in the Medical Observation Unit.  The hospital is now working to install Mediavision in every patient room.

    What is Mediavision?

    Is state-of-the-art, medical grade, touchscreen computers that provide patients with access to interactive patient education and entertainment features like television, movies on demand, music, games, Internet access, and virtual visits called "Easy Visits" with family and friends.

    What does Mediavision offer?

    - Television - Talk and music radio - Phone calls (local/long distance)
    - Movies - Internet access - Interpretation services
    - Games - EasyVisit - virtual visits via webcam - Comprehensive interactive patient education
    - Classic audio books - Hospital information  



    How do I visit a patient using Mediavision?

    Go to for a live video chat with your hospitalized friend or loved one.

     *Some fees apply