HMC Patient & Visitor Information

Admissions/ Pre-Registration/ Pre-Admissions

Registering for services-to-be-rendered is a mandatory procedure that enables our staff to learn more about you before any type of treatment is administered. You may register on the day of your visit or pre-register for certain services in order to skip this step upon arrival.

Registration takes place in our Admissions departments, located at all Hamilton Health Care System facilities.   

Where to go

Hamilton's Admissions department is located just off the Medical Center lobby. You may register for services at any our facilities at that location. Each entity of the Hamilton Health Care System, however, is equipped for registration for services at that particular facility.

What to bring

You need to bring any documents needed to answer questions about you and your family's medical history. Also, be sure to bring any prescription medication you are currently taking, along with your doctor's orders for treatment.

What to expect

An administrative professional will interview you in order to prepare the proper documentation for your hospital visit. You will be asked several questions about you and your family's medical history, where you live and work, method of payment, insurance coverage, doctor's information and so on.

Financial Arrangements

You should discuss healthcare coverage with your employer or private insurance carrier to determine your insurance coverage. All charges not covered by insurance are your responsibility to pay. Personal checks, many types of insurance, VISA, Mastercard and Discover cards are accepted. Your hospital bill includes hospital charges only. Physician's professional services are billed separately. You will receive separate bills from anesthesiologists and radiologists, for example, if they are needed during your visit.