Service Excellence Standards

    The Hamilton Health Care System Mission is to meet the total health care needs of the communities it serves through comprehensive services that advance the quality and dignity of life. All Hamilton associates are expected to work toward fulfilling this mission.

    As Hamilton Health Care System associates, each person within this organization is responsible for making patients the highest priority and meeting their total health care needs.

    With patients and their families in mind, a set of performance guidelines for all associates to follow has been developed. These standards establish specific behaviors that associates are required to practice while on duty.

    Compiled by associates themselves, most of these behaviors are demonstrated instinctively by Hamilton Health Care System associates. However, by incorporating them as standards of performance, these behaviors will be reinforced, making it clear that they are expected and encouraging associates to be diligent about practicing them.

    "The task of medicine:

    Cure sometimes, relieve often,

    care always."

    - Ambroise Pare

    If you'd like to read the entire Service Excellence Standards document, please view our PDF file.