Ways to help friend - diagnosed with cancer

    Ways to help a friend diagnosed with cancer 

    A question that many of us have:

    I know someone who has just been diagnosed with cancer, what can I do to help?

    We asked our Cancer Survivor's Club members and here is what they said: 

    The Gift of Time

    • Prayer

    • Companionship

    • Transportation to appointments

    • Meal preparation or delivery

    • Assistance with housekeeping, laundry, shopping, or lawn maintenance

    • Take him/her for a drive (just for fun)

    • Send a greeting card (maybe something funny)

    • Walking their dog/ feeding their cat (pet)

    Gift Certificates

    • Movie tickets

    • Restaurant gift certificates

    • Massage gift certificates

    • Gas cards

    A Care Basket

    • Warm slippers, robe, or blanket

    • A tote bag for carrying items to doctor's appointments

    • Magazines, word search, puzzles, books, or today's newspaper

    • Pocket calendar and pen

    • Small cosmetic bag to hold medications

    • Unscented hand sanitizer

    • Comfortable socks

    • Mild teas (peppermint or chamomile)

    • Crackers

    • A travel mug

    • Portable hobby supply kits (scrapbooking, drawing, needle point)

    Gifts for Recovery at Home

    • Easy pull on pajamas

    • Cane, walker, or wheelchair (insurance may provide)

    • Shower chair

    • Instant packets of soup or oatmeal

    • Sports drinks, tea, or ginger ale

    • Instant pudding, applesauce, etc.

    • DVD's to watch (favorite genre)

    • Music (CDs or downloadable music gift cards)

    • Audio books


    Treatment Specific Gifts

    There are three ways to fight cancer: surgery, radiation,a and chemotherapy.  Different people experience different side effects, but here are some gifts that can help combat common ones...


    • Small pillow to hold against an incision after surgery

    • Heating pad

    • Ice pack


    • Aloe Vera gel

    • Unscented water based lotion and lip balm (petroleum or oil free)


    • Hat, scarves, and/or gloves

    • Gingersnaps (help minimize nausea)

    • Lemon candy

    • Mint chewing gum

    We welcome additional suggestions. 

    Please email hamiltonheatlh@hhcs.org and we will add all appropriate items to this page.  Thanks for sharing!