Patients/Family compliment the staff

    December 2014- Emergency Department

    My husband and I chose to come to Hamilton because it came recommended by my physician who recently made a change to work with the facility. I was seen VERY quickly, it was very clean and comfortable, and even though I was being seen for anxiety/panic issues, my nurse Darlene was very sweet and kind to my husband and me.

    MH patients often get overlooked, ignored on purpose, or ridiculed by the staff at hospitals because MH illnesses are not as obvious as strokes and heart attacks, nor are they life threatening (per say). MH patients often don't want to seek ER treatment. I'm glad that I went. Nurses never get the praises they deserve - thank you, Darlene for being a non-judgmental nurse with my husband and me. The MH patient and nurse in me appreciate all of it. bw,RN 

    FB post: June 2014- Hamilton Emergency Medical Services

    I HAD A blow out yesterday @Race Trac about 730 pm and while I was struggling to get the spare out a Paramedic by the last name of Cobb and his partner assisted me along with 2 Dalton Officers to break loose this spare tire. They finally got it for me . I want to thank you for having great employees who have some great customer service and helped me . You should hire more people like these two paramedics ..Truely makes your organization have a lot of class.. Thank you. C.C.

    February 2014- Emergency Department- Nursing- cath lab- laboratory- housekeeping

    Just wanted to thank the ER staff for their care during my visit. All members were courteous, professional, and seemed to genuinely care about my health. Names that I remember were: RN's Chip, Holly, Ashley, and Alan. I especially want to thank Dr. Duffy for his care and analysis. As busy as he was, he still took the time to explain everything in a way that I could understand, and he contacted Dr. Verma for my subsequent admission and treatment. Many thanks to the entire ER staff.

    The nuclear medicine and stress test teams were very good and explained everything so that there were no surprises.

    The heart catheterization team was quick and very efficient. I believe it was Angie who transported me to the catheterization lab. She was kind and explained the procedure very well.  A warm blanket in a cold lab was very welcome. They were also kind enough to bring me some breakfast as soon as I was in recovery.

    All the nurses on the third floor made my short stay as comfortable as possible. Christy, Josh, and Lauren are the names that I remember, but all of them were very helpful and caring.

    The lab technicians who drew my blood were also very good. The first stick was productive in each case, and there was very little pain.

    When I was discharged, LaDonna from nursing services came by to to see if I had been well cared for.

    As a first time patient in any hospital, I was well pleased with the care I received. Everyone seemed to enjoy their job of caring for others. Even near the end of their shifts, they all displayed the same concern and dedication as at the beginning of their shift. I sincerely appreciate their care. J.C. 

    January 2014- Patient Floor- Westcott Beckler

    Thank you Hamilton Medical Center for providing such great care to my mother in law while she was a patient with you. She was treated with respect, dignity, and great care the whole time. We especially appreciate the nurses who provided excellent care day and night. I know because I am a nurse and also a nurse practitioner and I have worked in hospitals here in Atlanta for 13 years. It is unusual to have a comprehensive staff that is all great but I think that is what you have. The hospitalist group was excellent, especially Dr. Wilson. But Cardiology Dr. Olsen and his NP, and pulmonology Dr. Nurani also provided great care.

    The nurses, especially Jackie, Charity, Tim, and Leigh Anne provided that extra touch that we as family needed at that difficult time. Also the dietary and cleaning staff was very kind. Finally the room was very clean and comfortable. And I must commend you on eliminating the overhead call system. Very quiet and peaceful. This was off course helpful since we were dealing with end of life decisions. I hope you find this feedback helpful and that you commend your staff for a job well done! S.H.

    January 2014- Hamilton Primary Care-Murray

     FB- I am so grateful for your Hamilton Primary Care unit in Eton, GA. G.H. 

    November 2013- Quinton

    Daily Citizen- I want to thank the staff at Quinton Memorial rehab.  My wife was there for rehab and we were all treated fantastic.  Just wanted to tell them we appreciate it. 

    November 2013- Emergency Department

    Daily Citizen- Thanks to the Hamilton Medical ER staff, in particular nurse Amy and physician's assistant Lauren who helped me on a midnight visit.  The service was timely and very helpful.  I was trying to wait until morning until my doctor's office opened, but I couldn't.   Now I realize why emergency rooms are so helpful! 

    August 2013-Surgery Team

    Thanks for a wonderful experience! And boy was I surprised to receive a Thank You card from your hospital. Every single staff member that I came in contact with at HMC was fabulous. My surgery experience was a breeze and the nursing staff took fabulous care of me during my night's stay afterwards. I would like to send a detailed email to whomever I need complementing individuals (done). Thanks again! J.M.

    July 2013-SICU 

    FB- I want to say thank u to Dr Coleman for such a great job and thanks to all the out pt nurses, care givers, and staff for doing such a great job of caring for me (Stephanie, RN, permission testing and recovery ,Terra rn Becky post pre-op etc. Also, thanks to anesthesiologists staff as well and thanks I'm feeling some better mild to moderate pain every one was great thanks again T.C.

    June 2013- ER

    What a wonderful service. I had an emergency head wound and the care I received was outstanding! We are so fortunate to have a facility like this in Dalton. Thanks to the staff for the professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable care I received.  T.B.

    May 2013- ICU, Third Floor Nursing, and Environmental Services

    I am from Cleveland, TN and my work takes me all over the country and even overseas from time to time.  During my travels, I have visited several hospitals (LA, NY, Miami, TX, AR, England, etc.) and I have never seen a better hospital.

    I have been visiting one of my best friends over the last three weeks (4 out of 7 days per week).  He has been in ICU and 3rd floor.  Every nurse was nice, polite, kind, honest, and direct (in a respectful but necessary way).  My friend has received the best patient care.  The staff has been mindful and deeply concerned for his well being and for his family, too.  They have been treated with exceptional care.

    I was impressed with the cleanliness of this hospital.  As soon as I walked in the door the cleanliness was noticeable.   I work for a pharmaceutical company and I know what it means to be clean.  I want to compliment the cleaning staff not just for keeping the place so nice but also because they were so friendly.  They always spoke so friendly when they entered my friend's room.  I want everyone to know what a great hospital this is.  P.C. 

    May 2013- Hospice

    DCN-Forum: I really enjoyed the Hamilton Hospice memorial service that they had on May 19.  It was very comforting and thank you for all of the work that you do. 

    April 2013- Surgery Team

    DCN-Forum: I recently had serious surgery here at Hamilton Medical Center.  I could not have asked for any better service from Dr. Paynter, his associates and surgery team, including recovery and first shift team under LaDonna.  The food was also really good and I want to express my appreciation and all the kindness shown to me.  God bless each and every one that played a part and keep up the good work. 

    February 2013- Turner Maternal and Infant Care

    I spent two nights in the Turner maternal and Infant Care Center and wanted to write to tell you about the incredible care I received from your doctors and nurses. Dr. Sager and Dr. Calfee were very helpful, and I was lucky enough to have the same two nurses both days, Juli and Ashley. Their skills were very impressive, however, it was their nurturing and caring side that brought me such piece of mind. I have to say I was sad to leave them, however very relieved that your staff was able to stop my contractions and allowing me to go home. I want to commend you on having such wonderful staff members and know that it means a great deal to me to know that when I do go back to deliver, I will have such wonderful nurses and doctors to care for me. Thank you so much. M.H. 

    February 2013-SICU 

    FB-♥ sicu team u r the best!!!! M.B. 

    February 2013- ER

    I would like to send my compliments to the ER staff and in particular, to Nathan, Angie, and the doctor on duty whose name unfortunately escapes me. My nine year old son was seen last night and treated for Nausea and dehydration. These dedicated and talented individuals were more than professional. They exhibited sincerity, compassion, and good old fashion thoughtfulness towards him, knowing his apprehension and weakened state. He was comforted by having everything explained to him on his level prior to the needle pricks and procedures. Nothing could make a parent feel more confident and assured that their child is receiving excellent care. My hat is off to these individuals and I truly hope that this is the future of Hamilton Medical and not just an isolated incident. L.H.

    February 2013- ER

    FB- I just left your hospital ER and I just want to say that it was the most pleasant ER visit I have ever experienced. Everyone was very kind and courteous and the wait was really not bad at all. Thank you so much. It seems like it is becoming a rare thing to encounter people who are sincerely kind and if tonight's experience is the norm, you are doing a fine job. C.M. 

    January 2013- ER

    I arrived at the emergency room at Hamilton Medical Center with a serious hernia problem.  From the time I entered the ER until the time I was released some nine hours later the people I encountered were terrific.  The people that checked me in at the front desk, the nurses and Dr. Marshall in the emergency room as well as the nurses, Dr. Fromm and the anesthesiologist in surgery were all friendly, efficient, thorough and very informative about what was taking place at the time and the next steps that needed to be taken.  They all worked as a team and were very professional in every manner.

    When I left Hamilton later (with a repaired hernia and minus an appendix and a great deal of discomfort) I left with a very positive impression of all the caregivers that my wife and I had encountered and the services I had received.  The people of this area are fortunate to have the kind of medical facilities available to them that we have here.  I would like to thank not only all those I came in contact with during my brief sty, but also those who work to provide us with the kind of advanced medical care that is available at Hamilton Medical Center.

    Thanks to each and every one of you! J. & L. R. 

    January 2013- ER

    FB- Early this morning I was attacked by the norovirus. It doubled me over in pain and dry heaves. The Dalton Georgia crew responded quickly when I arrived in the ER. The treated me with empathy and respect and eliminated my symptoms. I was treated so well that I couldn't quit thanking them when I left. It is rare to be cared for like that now a days and id like to give a shout out to all the nurses and doctors who took excellent care of me. I love you guys! G.W. 

    January 2013- HASC

    I Just wanted to say Thank you to the staff and Dr. Norman at Hamilton Ambulatory Surgery Center for taking such Excellent care for my son yesterday. I have never been to a place where the staff was down to earth and made you feel welcomed. My rating for staff and appearance would be 100%. A.C.

    November 2012- ER

    FB- My mom has been hospitalized at Hamilton twice now. She has gotten awesome care from everyone. Her day shift nurse this weekend Niccole, did such a great job The doctors she have seen have all been caring- Dr Olsen, Dr Ahmad, Dr Marcadis, Dr Veys, Joanne, and Laura. The providers at Dalton Family Practice, of course have been so kind to her. Particularly Karah. It is just so nice to know my mom has been taken care of in such a kind manner, by caring people. But it also means a great deal that the people who have cared for her are very competent, and know what they are doing. Thanks to all, from lab, to radiology to dietary, who have cared so well for my mother. J.P. 

    October 2012 - ER

    My husband and I visited your emergency room for my husband. There were a lot of people, They got my husband back into a room within 30 minutes. Once we were in the room we saw Dr Devin Martin who was a little stern @ first about my husbands blood pressure I guess checking to make sure we weren't lying or anything. Dr. Martin was in the room about every 30 minutes checking on my husband and letting us know what was going on. We also had an RN named Chip who was also awesome. Both Chip and Dr. Martin would stop what they were doing and look me in the eye when i asked a question and explain it to me. I was very impressed with both Chip and Dr. Martin beside manor and the way my husband was treated. E.L. 

    September 2012 - ER

    My son was brought to your facility after crashing his dirt bike and suffering a fracture of his Tib/Fib. I also work as a RN in a Trauma center in Bristol TN, and was very stressed when I was 300+ miles away, leaving my son in the care of my father and your staff. I have to say that I was very relieved by the reports that I got from both my son and my father. Sounds like your staff did everything right!! :) I know in this type environment that we do not hear, as often as we should, about how GREAT of a job we are doing!! So I just want you to pass this along to all the staff involved in taking care of my son, during this time. Thank You, A.J. 

    September 2012 - ER

    Words can never express my appreciation for the care your ER staff gave my grandson. I would like to thank everyone that had a part in caring for him. I can't remember all the names so I will not try to list them. But there is one special nurse, I think her name is Ashley, that I want to thank especially. She was very patient and understanding when he had to have an IV. This is not something she learned but is a God given talent. Again everyone we were associated that afternoon were very nice, professional, and helpful. My whole family thanks all of you. G.A. 

    September 2012 - ER

    I just wanted to thank everyone in the ER. I came in with my daughter who had an allergic reaction to latex after blowing up some balloons. She had severe swelling of her upper lip. The entire staff provided very timely and attentive care to insure the swelling did not cause further issues particularly with her breathing. I appreciated the responsiveness and the attitude of all we encountered. Please pass on my appreciation to the team who was there. B.K.

    August 2012- Nursing (3A)

    Rhonda, you are the kindest and sweetest nurse I've ever had.  Thank you so much for everything.  I was so scared in the hospital, my husband couldn't be there because of his work schedule, so you talking to me the kind way you did meant a lot.  You are a great nurse, the world would be a better place if it had more nurses like you in it.  Your kindness and care will NEVER be forgotten.  D.H.

    August 2012- Nursing (3B)

    The words 'thank you' and this gift basket just don't seem to cover what I want to express to you all for your help in July with mama.  Our family had never been in that position before and for 7 days, you all held us up, listened to our worries, answered our questions, cared for my mama so tenderly and were just overall super to us.  I will never forget it.  You really made a horrible situation bearable and hopeful.  Hopeful in that I know where my mama is now and that I will be with her again one day.  Thank you again & God Bless - C.M. & family

    August 2012 - ER

    I was in the ER for a cut on my leg.  I can't say that getting 7 stitches was my favorite thing, but I must say my treatment was super.  Everyone, Dr. Blackwell, nurse Kay, the ladies who checked me in, and the entire staff were more than professional, they were a pleasure to deal with.

    Not going to hurt myself to come back but this was my best hospital experience ever.  Thank you. J.B. 

    July 2012- NICU

    I had my daughter at 36 weeks. My labor was very quick. When my daughter came out I knew something wasn't right. After a couple of hours of abnormal blood sugars and temps she was taken to the nicu which was one of my biggest fears, when I was pregnant. Angie (nicu RN) talked with me comforted me and was very honest and caring about my daughter and my family. My daughter had a bad infection and things got iffy for a few days. Angie was there she told us exactly what was going on and answered any questions we had. My heart was broken and I blamed myself but thanks to miss Angie I know its not my fault. Thank u Angie for making me feel like family and thank u to all of the nicu staff for saving my beautiful precious little girl's life. A. 

    July 2012- Nursing

    All of those that attended to me, were great.  To be very truthful one of my nurses and one of my lab techs were exceedingly pleasant.  Merline was kind, energetic, and was ready to answer questions or help with a sparkling attitude.  Gina was was one of my lab techs that was also so kind, friendly and simply a pleasure to have in the room.  Her casual demeanor and painless extraction of blood was just what the doctor ordered.  God surely sent both of these young women to help me and to work in their respected fields.  With deepest respect and gratitude.  D.C.

    July 2012- Nursing (3rd)

    Nurse Denise was extremely helpful.  She worked and worked to help me.  T.T.

    July 2012 - ER

    I have sent emails to chatt times and daily citizens plus posted on your FB wall or tried. I'm absolutely impressed with your dedication, kindness, and quality of service. I went through ER then a pretty serious surgical procedure. I couldn't ask for better local care. Thank you all it's appreciated and I'm very thankful to have you here.  B.H. 

    June 2012 - HEMS

    On June 16th 2012, I was on my way to vacation. We were on I 75 near Dalton when I began feeling very ill. My husband pulled off near the McDonalds and called 911. With trailer in tow Paul (EMS) suggested my husband wait there; they would send the police to direct him to the hospital. I never would have thought I was having a heart attack. Paul is one of the most caring people I have ever met. He arranged for our RV trailer to be parked in a safe spot until it could be taken to a campground the next day. I was also thrilled when he paid me a visit at the hospital to check on me. It made my day to thank him in person for saving my life. Paul, I will never forget you, you were my guardian angel that night, thank you once again. By the way thanks to the great team of doctors at the hospital; two stents I am doing great. Sincerely, Pat Prohaska (Kissimmee, FL)  

    April 2012- Hospice 

    It is with sadness that I email you to let you know my sweet little daddy, passed away on April 5th...

    I wanted to again say THANK YOU to Hamilton Medical Center for all the respect, kindness and caring shown him during his numerous visits to your facility... To Hamilton Hospice, I can not say thank you enough for the loving, caring and professional way they treated Daddy the past 10 months.. I have thanked each of them personally and recently wrote a letter to the editor of the Dalton Daily Citizen expressing our feelings... They are truly angels sent to make loved ones time on this earth as peaceful and happy as they can.. As I stated in my letter to the paper, they would always brighten Daddy's day when he saw one of them... Gloria Houston 

    March 2012 - Patient floor - (2nd)

    My Father was hospitalized in serious condition.

    I wanted to give honor where honor is due.  My dad had a nurse; her name is Mickey.  I was amazed at her loving and compassionate care she gave to him.  She was extremely efficient in her work.  The first night was non-stop for her.  I was so impressed by her concern not just for him but the family.  I stayed the night with him.  She was very comforting in just watching her do the procedures on my Dad.

    Hamilton Medical Center is blessed to have her as a nurse.  I feel it an honor to know her and the Hamilton has such a caring, professional nurse on staff.  Also, his nurse, Roxy, was a wonderful, caring nurse.  G.L.

    February 2012- SICU 

    My on was admitted to SICU.  He received such good care from: Shelley, Maria, and Leticia.  Dr. Kulkarni was so kind during our loss.  Also, Dr. Cunningham and Shirley were so nice.  I commended the ER group earlier.  thanks for the care you gave. M.R. 

    February 2012- MICU/ Third Floor

    I just wanted to take time to let everyone know how thankful we are for the excellent care my mother received. She was a patient in the MICU as well as 3rd floor. She became very ill very quickly, We were in a difficult time of her life as well as our own. All of the staff that took care of her did so with kindness and dedication It was such a blessing to know we could go home and rest , while the night shift nurses provided such excellent care.

    Once again our family was so impressed with all the effort that went into caring for my mom , even as she passed away in that hospital room, the staff did all they could to help us during that time . May God Bless you. T.B.

    February 2012 - HEMS

    I am writing to give commendations to four of your guys.  I had to call 911 due to severe chest pains and in both cases the care I received from your fellows was superb.
    Two who responded were Johnny Phillips and a younger man named Michael. On a separate occasion, I did not have the presence of mind to get those guys' names but you can look back on the trip report to see who they were.
    I was treated with the utmost care, concern, and respect. The guys all made sure I was taken care of and received the chest pain protocol to the last degree.
    I underwent a heart cath that showed no occlusions, but I do have small coronary arteries which were evidently causing vasospasms, and I was sent home with new meds to help with this problem, called Prinzmetal's Angina. So hopefully I won't have to call 911 again.
    I really want to commend all four of the guys who came out to get me. They were fantastic! You are fortunate to have them all on your team. C.P.

    February 2012 - Hospice

    Thank you so much for taking such good care of our loved one.  We love and appreciate everything that you did for her and the family.  I'm so thankful I had you to talk to during her illness.  You helped her and the family more than words can express.  B.B. 

    February 2012 - ER/ICU/Patient Floor

    Because of various medical problems, I have had to spend too much time in various hospitals.  Recently I spent my latest visit to your facility in Dalton.  I must tell you that you are fortunate to have the BEST staff of personnel of any hospital that I have been a patient.

    Emergency Services assessed my situation and moved rapidly to assist me.  On a Sunday night they managed to put together a team of doctors that really saved me from a dangerous situation.  I then spent a week in the Intensive Care section and received very professional, very intense personal treatment.  A nurse there, Wanda, was always there, either wiping my head or holding my hand.  I think she is the greatest.

    After ICU I was taken to patient room.  I received the finest care from some of the greatest nurses.  I have since been in and out of your hospital and every time I receive nothing but the finest treatment.

    The purpose of this letter is to express my gratitude for all that your people do and the great way they treat their patients.  T.B. 

    January 2012- Patient Floor (3B1)

    I don't remember all of your names but I appreciate every single one of you.  R., K., & J

    For all the kindness and attention every single one of you gave my grandfather during his final days.  Unfortunately he passed assay, but he was in good hands while he was alive.  M.M.

    January 2012- Patient Floor (3B1) 

    There's a special beauty witnessed every day within your role as you care for all your patients, as you meet each nursing goal.

    In this role you make a difference.  One that goes beyond just care, goes beyond the role of nursing to a special gift you share.

    It's a gift that eases sorrow, eases pain, and fallen tears.  You've chosen to give freely without compromise of fears.

    In your touch there is a healing know on earth and high above.  It's the special beauty witnessed when a heart is touched by Love.

    Thank you (Scott, Judy, Nichole, and Tim) for the wonderful care I received when I was on your floor.  The wonderful jobs you do and the caring joyful attitudes you have - make things so much better.  I pray God blesses you all in the jobs you do.  T.H.

     January 2012 - Hospice

    My dad is now under the care of Hamilton Hospice... First of all, the whole staff is wonderful from receptionist, chaplain Jim, social worker Carol and numerous others.. The one I want to show appreciation to is a LPN named Jessica... She is truly a "FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE."....She is so good with both Daddy and Mother... Case in point,,,, Daddy had a really rough night (he suffers from dementia) and I called and she immediately came to their house... She talked to him~~~calmed him... Talked with Mother and eased her anxiety and then took steps to ensure that things could hopefully be better~~from ordering a hospital bed, bedside potty to other things that will make it easier for them both...
    She is definitely a God send...
    Thank you so much, GH

    January 2012 - Hospice

    The hospice team that was assigned to my mother was excellent – always there to help with questions from us, helping to check and see that her medications were as they should be, providing love, encouragement and comfort to her as well as to us (the family).  I felt that we had a very comfortable relationship with our team and were never hesitant to call on them when we had questions.

    They were always ready and eager to respond.  Although I had heard and known a little about hospice, I can not express in words my thanks and gratitude to Cindy, Ann, Connie, Star and all the others who worked, loved and cared for our needs during her time with this organization.  This team was above excellent and we felt very blessed.

    December 2011 - HRCI

    The first time I came here I knew the people were different.  After a few visits I knew why, God was here, something real was happening in my life dealing with this cancer but peace was here.  Every person that works here has a presence of God around them, you can see it on their faces.  The first time I met Dr. McKay and Miss Ruth, I knew God had sent me to the right place.  God has been so good to me through all this.

    Thank you all so very much for all you have done for me, all you have given me.  May you all get 1000 fold in return for all that you have invested in my life.  God Bless you All!!  LH

    December 2011 - Hospice

    (Family sends card)

    Thank you so much for all you did for Papa and for Nanny.  we would not have been able to take that good of care of him without all of you .  I love all of you.

    Thank you for all you did for my Papa.

    Thank you all for everything you did for my Dad and Mom.  Without your help things would have been so hard, but through you, my mom, God; my dad was taken care of.  I could never really tell you how much I appreciate all you did.  I love you all so much.

    Thank you so much for taking such good care of my dad.

    Thank you for all you have done for my family.

    You are an awesome group of people.  God will bless you for life.

    There is no way to truly thank you all for all you've done.  You are all very special people.

    There are no words to express what you guys mean to me.  You all went above and beyond to take care of my husband.  I couldn't have made it without you all.  I love you all so much. 

    December 2011 - Hospice

    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers with the loss of our Mom.  Words can not describe what you did for us and our Mom.

    We could not have made it this past year without your help.  You are all 'angels' in our eyes.

    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! J.B. 

    December 2011 - Hospice

    You have helped us through the stress, confusion, anxiousness, not knowing what should be done next all in a calm and caring manner.

    I can’t thank you enough to realize we’ve come out the other side with the feeling of peace.  P.P. 

    November 2011 - Bradley Whiteside Rehabilitation 

    I'm writing to make you aware of the wonderful care I recently received from two of your physical therapist, Chris and Mike.  I came to Bradley Rehab for help with severe back pain that I had been experiencing for several weeks.  Chris was able to quickly ascertain my situation and put together a therapy plan that made me feel as good as new!

    It's not often that a patient is disappointed to have completed a treatment plan, but, in my case, I was!  I so enjoyed my time with Chris and Mike that I was sad to see my therapy come to an end.  That says a lot about the care and attention that I received.  Both Chris and Mike were friendly, informative, and completely supportive of my treatment.  In a world where patients can often feel hurried through the system, it was so refreshing to feel that your staff genuinely cared about my well being.

    I also want to commend Ashley in the front office.  She was super friendly and helpful to me.  She made me fell welcome every time I came in.  You are most fortunate to have her on your staff.  She's a doll.

    If I ever require physical therapy in the future, I will definitely be back at Bradley.  I am spreading the word to my friends and family.  Your staff obviously cares about the well being of their patients and I was lucky enough to experience this first hand.  Keep up the great work!  D.B. 

    November 2011 - Hamilton Diagnostics Center

    My two year old little girl had to have x-rays done at Hamilton Diagnostics. We were both a little bit scared but the tech that took care of us was awesome. He was so kind and considerate he put us both at ease. It is certainly a rare but pleasant surprise to encounter people that really care in healthcare. I didn't catch his full name, but his first name was Juan. Thank you for your time an for a great experience. A.W.

    September 2011- Third Floor - 3A

    Thanks to all of you who helped take care of my husband.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  May God be with you all.  God bless each and everyone of you all.  J.C.

    September 2011- Third Floor - 3A

    We were very pleased with my father’s care.  The nurses that worked that area (3A) deserve an award.  They are very kind, helpful, and caring.  I observed them caring for difficult and terminal patients.  They handled them with excellent compassion and were very professional.  Those nurses and staff that worked out of the station on the end of the hall are top of the line.  The all deserve a raise and a 3 week paid cruise vacation.  Very Sincerely,  S.M. 

    August 2011 - Second Floor - 2B

    I believe the nursing, staff and doctor care at this hospital are the best I have ever experienced and compare extremely well with recent care for my daughter who had a liver transplant at Piedmont last year.  It continues to amaze me that Dalton can offer such quality care and service to truly compete with a city like Atlanta.  Thank you.  

    August 2011 - Third Floor - 3A

    Trish, Tabatha, & Onelia -You were totally awesome when it came to taking care of me and I couldn't have had a better stay on your floor.  A Special 'Thank You' to all of you.  S.K. 

    August 2011 - Third Floor 

    I wanted to send a card to show my appreciation of your staff.  I feel I had excellent care while vacationing with Hamilton Medical.  From the Emergency Room to Third Floor, I could not have asked fro better service.  I think every person needs that extra pat on the back.  Thank you from me and my family.  Special thanks to Nichole and Sherri and anyone I left out.  A good personality really helps out when you’re feeling bad.  Thank you.  M.C. 

    August 2011 - ER, etc.

    I could not have had a better care than I received at Hamilton Medical Center.  From the time I entered the Emergency Room I had immediate care and it continued during my entire stay in the hospital.  Everyone was most efficient, dedicated, and attentive to patient care.  My family and I are most appreciative.  We can not say enough good things about our hospital, the doctors, nurses, food services, housekeeping, and everyone who served us.  I am so thankful I made it home from Atlanta to be here.  Thank you!  D.C.  

    July 2011- Hospital

    As a life-long resident of Whitfield County, I have followed the evolution of Hamilton from my birth thru my recent stay (July). 

    I know Hamilton’s mission has always been quality health care so the evolution has been in the delivery of that health care.

    After my recent stay, I can honestly say that the system you have in place does deliver quality health care.  I commend your institution on the way it provides this care in spite of the changes required by government, insurance, and competitive pressures.  Thank you and best wishes.  R. G. 

    July 2011 - Radiology

    I was seen by Dr. Plaxco for a biopsy on my thyroid. I just wanted to complement Dr. Plaxco and her entire team for making my visit very tolerable. I was very nervous, as I have a fear of needles, and the staff helped me relax and find humor in my situation. Please make sure that Dr. Plaxco knows how much she was appreciated by me. 
I also wanted to complement your entire staff for their promptness and respect for my scheduled appointment times. I was seen when I was told I would be seen. The respect you all have for my time was noticed and very much appreciated.
Thank you, A.G.

    July 2011- Spine Center +

    I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who took care of me the past few weeks when I was in severe pain. My arm began aching and I thought I must have pulled a muscle. Instead of getting better the pain got progressively worse. I am normally a very active person but the pain had gotten to the point that I didn't want to do anything. I was taking a lot of Tylenol and Advil every day but it wasn't bringing much relief. When my arm began to tingle and go numb, alternating with severe shooting pain, I knew something was very wrong.

    It got so bad one evening that I actually went to the Hamilton ED. After listening to my symptoms Dr. Duffy told me that the pain was most likely coming from my neck. I went to see Dr. Bunker at the Hamilton Spine Center and he ordered an MRI of my neck at Hamilton Diagnostic Center. The results confirmed that I had a bulging disc in my cervical spine which was pressing a nerve and causing the pain and numbness. Dr. Bunker took time to explain the reason for my pain and the different treatment options. Within a week of the diagnosis Dr. Bunker injected my neck with a steroid medication at the Hamilton Ambulatory Surgery Center. I could tell a difference immediately and within just a few days I had complete relief.

    He then ordered physical therapy at the Whiteside Rehab Center. My therapist was Monica Reed and was great. She did traction therapy and helped me with exercises to strengthen my neck muscles and also taught me how to keep my neck in alignment. I am completely pain free now and doing my exercises regularly to keep the pain from returning. I am now able to do things that I enjoy doing and my energy is back.

    I want to thank everyone who took care of me -- Dr. Duffy and the staff at the Hamilton Emergency Department; Dr. Bunker and the staff at the Spine Center; the staff at Hamilton Diagnostics Center; Kristi House and the wonderful staff at the Hamilton Ambulatory Surgery Center; and Monica Reed and the staff at Whiteside Rehab. Throughout the process I couldn't have asked for better care. I have worked here for almost three years but this is the first time I've ever been a patient here. I would definitely recommend Hamilton to my family and friends! M.C.

    July 2011 - Nursing

    My mother was a patient from late June until her demise on July 11th.  On behalf of my family, I would like to express our gratitude for the wonderful nursing staff that attended to her.  their professionalism, compassion and religious values were a great comfort to us during this difficult time.  My mother had been a forty year breast cancer survivor, only to be diagnosed with Ovarian cancer nearly three years ago.  After a gallant battle with numerous chemo recipes, clinical trial sessions etc. her body could not fight anymore.

    While our sincere gratitude extends to all involved, there were several nurses that we felt went beyond their duty in comforting the patient and family.  We appreciate the kind extra efforts of Tim, Vicki, Trish and Melanie.  As my mother's condition worsened, their gentleness in administering her oral medications and keeping her comfortable was greatly appreciated.  J.M. 

    June 2011 - SICU

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent care recently given to our family member.  We take comfort in knowing that everything possible was done for him and that we will see him again one day in Heaven.  Sincerely,  H.H & W. G. 

    June 2011 - SICU

    Thank you very much for showing our father the most care and concern during his recent illness and ultimate death.  Each person made us feel special and took time to explain each event and occurrence.  You will each have a special place in our hearts forever.  G. family

    June 2011 - SICU

    Thanks to everyone who took care of our family member while he was in SICU.  We will always appreciate the great care he received.  It was a huge scare for us and everyone could not have been nicer  Appreciated all the extra time you let me have with him.  It was a long week but now he is doing better and he's back to work.  P.H. 

    June 2011 - Pediatrics

    The pediatric nurses Sandra, Michelle, Sally, Heather, and Jenny were wonderful.  Nobody likes staying in the hospital but they made our sty very pleasant.  You have a great staff and I really appreciate everything they did for us.  They should be recognized for the wonderful people and how helpful they are.  H. & B. 

    June 2011 - Maternity

    Sending an email to express our most sincere THANKS truly doesn't suffice for all the great care provided by your RN's.  From the admitting lady who got me ready for the c-section to Sherron who dismissed us- we can't thank you enough.  Adrienne, Sharron and Katie were UNBELIEVABLE in terms of ensuring great care was given to both me and my baby.  We have had three children at Hamilton and every time the ladies have been great; but there is something special about the three mentioned above.  Please give them a pat on the back!!  Thank you again.  J.J. 

    June 2011 - Hamilton EMS; training

    Mike, Nathan, and Scott:  I just wanted to say, 'thank you' for everything you allowed me to experience and learn during my clinical rotation on June 2nd.  It was an experience I will never forget.  I know when I graduate I will be able to say that each of you had a part in my success.  Thank you - Thank you - Thank you.  You all ROCK!! R.P. 

    June 2011 - Chaplain

    Thank you for your many visits and prayers for dad!  It helped him and us to go beyond the tough times.  You are an excellent "fit" for Hamilton Hospital.  You have such a loving rapport with people in need. 

    June 2011 - Chaplain

    Thank you so much for being there for us at the time of need for our mother.  We could never thank you for all you did when we needed someone; you were always there.  Just the kind words you had to say.  We will never forget every thing you did for us.  Thanks again. 

    June 2011 - Patient floor

    On behalf of our family, we wish to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the excellent care your facility provided for our father. 

    Every nurse, every student nurse, housekeeping staff member, service staff, cafeteria staff, Dietician and Hospital Chaplain provided the highest quality of professional service in kind and sincere manner.  They not only provided care of our father, but were most generous with snacks and drinks for family members who spent a great deal of time in the room.

    You should be extremely proud of your staff for the truly caring attitude they exhibited day after day.  Your personnel training department does an excellent job in selecting employees and providing a high level of training that ensures top quality professional patient care.

    Our father passed away; however, we shall never forget the kindness and care your staff provided in the last weeks of his life.  Please express our sincere thanks to all of those who worked in that area of your facility.  Sincerely, C.H. 

    May 2011 - Maternity

     We wanted to compliment Victoria for the care she gave to one of her patients during the night.  She answered call lights promptly and we could not have asked for better care. 

    May 2011- Associate

    Since joining Hamilton 2 1/2 years ago I have gained an enormous respect for the organization's commitment to provide quality care to the North Georgia region. We have great associates. Most of them could work anywhere they choose. They choose to work at Hamilton because it is a high quality health care organization and because they are committed to the residents of North Georgia. I am proud to be a part of this organization.  M.C.

    April 2011 - 3A

    Recently my daughter was hospitalized due to complications from an ingrown toe nail (beware those pedicure places, ladies).

    I just wanted to acknowledge some of Hamilton associates (on 3A) and physicians:  Charge Nurse-Tiffany, LPN-Lethera, PCC-Patty, and nurse-Melanie.  Also, Drs. Land and Sager.

    What could have been a scary time for my daughter was helped along by the kindness and patience and skills of those associates and these two doctors.

    I want to say thanks for all you did for my child.  I am a proud to be a member of such an outstanding group.  C.M. 

    February 2011 - EMS

    Brandon went the extra mile.  Brandon came back into the ER to check on my father before he returned to the station.  Really appreciated him 110%.  L.B.

    February 2011- 3A Patient floor
    I want to thank everyone that took care of me during my stay.  I don’t remember everyone because I was so sick, but I do remember the following people in particular for their excellent care:  Linda, Tiffany, Retha, Scott, Angie, and Terri.  I will always remember the excellent care I received.

    February 2011 - Patient floor
    I was a patient at HMC. I received excellent care from everybody that I came in contact with from nursing to housekeeping. I know that I work here but these people did not know that until Thursday, when I felt better. SPECIAL THANKS TO JUDY WESSON FOR ALL THE CARE.  All the nurses on the floor  and students from Cleveland State were really nice and caring. A BIG HUG to all. P.R.

    January 2011 - Surgery
    Emily, surgery receptionist, has been very helpful to me and my family.  She has gone above the call of duty and has had a very good attitude towards the patients.  She has had a lots of patients and she never got angry towards any one of them.  I would encourage you to promote her because she has been very caring and kind.  P.S.  she has a great sense of humor.  H.V.

    January 2011 - Diabetes/ER/SICU/Patient floor
    I’m 24 years old and I was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  I want to share with you my experience at the hospital.  First of all I want to recognize the nurses for doing a wonderful job.  They were very enjoyable to be around and very informative about my situation.

    It had all started when I had first gone to a walk-in-clinic for an infection and they told me I had diabetes.  I thought those people were crazy.  They did not tell me anything about my situation.  They just sent me to a diabetes class.  So 2 days later I go to the class and it was very informative about diabetes.  The nurses teaching the class were very observant of my health and knew something was wrong.  They sent me over to the ER where it all began to come together.  They rushed me in as soon as possible.  Then it was serious.  I was a diabetic and had all kinds of imbalances in the body.  I was then sent over to SICU to get the help I needed.  The nurses were amazing.  They made me feel comfortable, even though I had to stay two nights alone there.  After you find out you have diabetes, the last then you want is to be alone.  Then I left the SICU room and was put into a patient room on the floor.  My nurses there were very caring.  I appreciate all the nurses and what they did to help me get better.  They all did a wonderful job.  I just want to let you all know that my stay at the hospital was very pleasant. Thanks again!  J.H.

    December 2010- Pediatrics
    The staff was amazing toward us and our family.  I was so pleased with everyone.  The put us at ease while we were worried about our daughter.

    December 2010- Nursing
    Very impressed with the nurses care, made me feel good (personally).  They always introduced themselves and explained everything they were doing.  Great job!

    December 2010- Orthopedic Floor
    Lots of experiences took place in this 5 day stay with my having complete knee replacement.  However this hospital is blessed to have not only a very skilled staff but common sense folks who we trust and feel comfortable with.

    December 2010- ER
    I cut my finger preparing dinner and needed stitches. In the past, because of my insurance, I have always driven to Chattanooga for emergencies but the weather made that difficult. I called my insurance company on the way to the freeway and and was told that you all now take my insurance. I was impressed with my care.
    I would like to thank all who helped me in Emergency. Everyone that helped me was so nice and upbeat. I was also pleased that I was taken care of more quickly than I anticipated. I did not get names - please let all know how much they are appreciated!  Thank you.  K.K.

    December 2010- ER
    I want to thank your ER staff for their special care and concern they showed my son and I today. I brought my son in because I could not find an open clinic or doctor today. He has been very sick. Your staff was the kindest I had ever experienced. They were very gentle with my son and did their best to make him comfortable and take care of him. Thank you and your staff. A.D.

    December 2010- Hospice
    Tanya, Carol, and Jessica have come in and rescued my father and me. All of them are astounding; words cannot express my gratitude for their continued help.

    December 2010- Regency Park
    We have a patient that has been to Regency Park before.  She requested Antoine because 'he knows his stuff and he won’t baby her'.  C.C.

    December 2010-HMC
    Hamilton Medical was used as an example in class.  The individual told how he and his wife have recently had three experiences with Hamilton, one at HDC and two outpatient procedures. He said that each visit he never came across anyone that wasn’t smiling. He felt every person he encountered was genuinely concerned about him or his wife, and showed excellent professionalism and understanding. He stated he did not have to wait and was very pleased with every aspect of his care. He said obviously Hamilton is a well run facility, and that HMC has to have excellent management because it shows in the employees.  T.C.

    November 2010- ER
    It is not everyday you meet someone who loves their job and takes much pride in that occupation.  I think I need to express how much we appreciated the help or your Emergency Room employee, Chris Doneski, RN, CEN.  Chris was with us 11 hours when our daughter had to go to emergency exploratory surgery.  I have never met any one employed by Hamilton Medical Center that was so caring, helpful, compassionate and good at their job as he.  I want to express my thanks to Hamilton Medical Center and I think this young gentleman deserves recognition.  Sometimes the best employees go unnoticed but it was very evident that his job was a calling to him and he took it very serious.  Please express our thanks to Chris.  Thank you.  J.R.

    November 2010- Women's Services
    We are so thankful for all you did for us.  We will always keep in our mind your very warm welcome at the hospital and the kindness and heartiness of the whole team.  We are very grateful and just so happy!  L.A.

    November 2010- Neonatology
    "I had the chance to meet Dr. Kennedy last night. My Sister had her baby 7 weeks early, and Doctor Kennedy came down and transferred the baby to Dalton. She is AWESOME."  D.A.

    November 2010- ER
    I wanted to let you know that everyone at HMC was awesome. Our ER nurse was soooo nice, she was so good and very caring. She also helped keep me calm.  I thought I would let you know what a good job everyone did.

    October 2010- HMC
    Our hospital is above average and I am thankful that it is in Dalton.

    October 2010- Maternity
    Our rooms were great in both L&D of postpartum.

    October 2010- EMS
    Just keep on providing the excellent service like you always have.  Every time any member of our family or close friends has had to call on you.  It is evident by your staff’s courteous and professional manners and concern, along with the knowledge and skills in medical treatment add up to the very best anywhere.  That is what WEMS is – the very best!

    I am happy to say that the EMTs that I have met from your staff are honest and caring human beings and they perform their jobs with true talent and pride that is well deserved.