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The battle against cancer can be a trying process physically and emotionally.  At Hamilton Cancer InstituteJudd Cancer Center provides the therapeutic and support services necessary to fight the disease.  For residents across Northwest Georgia, the Judd Cancer Center offers some of the most advanced techniques for the treatment of cancer. 

Accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, Judd Cancer Center provides superior cancer therapy that not only meets but also exceeds national averages.  “The key to Judd Cancer Center’s success is the blend of  advanced technology and experienced physicians,” explains William McKay, MD, Medical Director of Judd Cancer Center.  “Our equipment allows for the successful treatment of tumors  without harming healthy tissue. We are able to care for various types  of cancer without sacrificing the overall health of our patients.”

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You focus on life... 
You or a loved one has just been diagnosed with cancer. Now what? Making your way through the often, complex steps of cancer care can be nearly as bewildering and stressful as the disease itself. With a comprehensive array of diagnostic and treatment services, the HCI helps simplify the process of receiving cancer care.

We have developed a distinctive personal approach to helping cancer patients meet the challenges they face. At Hamilton, we work to simplify your life at every phase by making arrangements for your diagnostic studies, treatments, and follow up services. Most importantly, the HCI allows patients to receive advanced care close to home.

We focus on cancer... 
HCI is a comprehensive center devoted to providing seamless, fast-track cancer care between physicians and hospital services. Here, you will take advantage of same day/next day consultations with all of the cancer specialists that will be involved in developing your individualized treatment plan.

New patients are evaluated in an initial consultation through one of our patient navigators.

Patient Navigator
Works hand in hand with cancer specialists
Located at physician offices and where hospital services are provided
Provides compassion, patient information, and guidance
State-of-the-art modalities are offered and coordinated among an array of cancer treatment specialists including surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and various university staff physicians from all over the country.

Highlights of HCI 
Affiliates of Seattle Prostate Institute
Accredited by the American College of Surgeons on Cancer
National Cancer Institute
Northwest Georgia Regional Cancer Coalition (NWGRCC)
NWGRCC tumor bank supports cancer research

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Our 'Health Talk' videos provide a wide range of health topics including: Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Colon Cancer, and Bladder Cancer.  Be sure to choose 'Health Talk' in our 'Select a Category to View.  Using an Apple product and cannot use Flash?  No problem, go to our YouTube channel to view videos.