Advance Medical Directives

    Advance Directive for Health Care
    ADHC is a legal document which allows the patient (the principal) to appoint another person (agent) to make medical decisions for them if they should become temporarily or permanently unable to make various medical decisions on their own. The patient shall chose an agent who will carry out his/her end of life wishes. This document provides information about the patient’s personal and religious values about medical treatment.

    Why is this document important?
    You have chosen how to live your life and it is important to make your own decisions about your final health care choices. It’s not an easy topic for many people, but a necessary discussion.

    • You decide how the end of life shall be, not the family. You legally and formally state your wishes for the medical treatments you do or do not want to receive.
    • There will be fewer arguments from family members because everyone will know your end of life wishes.
    • There will have been family discussions regarding ADHC.
    • In preparing the form, it is giving your loved ones a great gift — the peace of mind in knowing your wishes.

    — (Critical Conditions-Planning Guide, Georgia 2006)

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