Westcott Fellow of Distinction






Westcott Fellow of Distinction



The Westcott Fellow of Distinction recognizes individuals whose leadership and sustaining contributions serve as exceptional examples of steadfast generosity. Building an endowment for the future, Westcott Fellows of Distinction make a signature investment to ensure that current and future generations have access to the highest levels of health care.


Westcott Fellow of Distinction Benefits




We extend our heartfelt gratitude and highest levels of recognition to our Westcott Fellows of Distinction. In addition to all Westcott Fellow benefits and privileges, Westcott Fellows of Distinction will be recognized with their name prominently displayed on a beautiful commemorative plaque in our hospital recognition area. As champions of the Foundation, Westcott Fellows of Distinction will be presented with a custom designed crystal piece to complement their Westcott Fellow recognition. Westcott Fellows of Distinction also will be eligible for exclusive privileges offered by Hamilton Health Care System and the Foundation.





“We owe it to our community to provide the best facilities we can. It’s all about the people we serve.”

Shelby Peeples, Westcott Fellow of Distinction 


Westcott Fellow of Distinction Membership




Members who pledge a gift of $25,000 to the Whitfield Healthcare Foundation are honored as Westcott Fellows of Distinction.

Several payment options are available:

  • A single gift of $25,000 in the form of cash or securities

  • A gift of $5,000 per year for five years

  • A gift of $2,500 or more per year for up to 10 years until a total gift of $25,000 is met

Upon fulfillment of a $10,000 Westcott Fellow pledge, an individual may advance to the Westcott Fellow of Distinction level with an additional $15,000 single gift or $15,000 pledge that is payable over a five- to ten-year period.

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