Hamilton promotes safe sleep for infants

Thursday, July 07, 2016


Hamilton Medical Center is trying to help prevent sleep-related infant deaths and is participating in the Georgia Safe to Sleep Campaign, a program that provides infant sleep safety education to parents.

Each year in the U.S., more than 4,000 infants, without a prior known illness or injury, die suddenly and unexpectedly. As of 2014, Georgia averaged three infant deaths per week due to sleep-related causes, which are contributing factors to the state’s current infant mortality rate.

The Georgia Safe to Sleep Campaign is designed to achieve four primary objectives:

• Prevent sleep-related infant deaths in Georgia

• Educate parents about creating a safe sleep environment for their babies and see proper sleeping practices modeled in hospitals or other health care settings

• Disseminate and consistent messages that encourage families to make informed decisions about infant sleep 

• Increase access to resources that support behaviors that protect infants from sleep-related deaths.

“We’re super about this program,” said Miriam Starr, clinical manager of the Mother-Baby Unit at Hamilton. “It gives us the opportunity to educate parents about safe sleep practices while providing a cute infant gown showing the right way for babies to sleep.”

As part of the program, families of infants born at Hamilton receive an informational book and an infant gown that says ”This side up” on the front side and “Please turn me over” on the back.

“Every infant born here at Hamilton matters to us, so we want to do our best to provide education to every parent in our community,” said Starr. “That is the heart of Hamilton.”


Nurses in Hamilton Medical Center’s Mother-Baby Unit show the Safe to Sleep gown given to parents of newborns born Hamilton. From left are Audrey Cole, Michelle and Sherron Taylor.