Shed the Pounds, Shed the Risk

    Learn how to take a more active role in managing your health and feel good about doing it. Shed the Pounds, Shed the Risk is a new eight-week program covering weight loss management and its relation to the reduction of chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Classes cover food & caloric measurement, meal planning, creative ways to exercise at home, mindful eating, eating out, eating while traveling and more!

    Call to schedule your first appointment today, 706-272-6079. 


    Class Schedule
    Class 1 – Introduction, Assessment, & Baseline Measurement
    Class 2 – Mindful Eating
    Class 3 – Healthy Eating On the Go
    Class 4 – Smart Shopping Secrets
    Class 5 – Put Some Spring Back Into Your Step
    Class 6 – What Is Causing You to Gain Weight
    Class 7 – Cook Well, Live Well
    Class 8 – Program Summary

    Day and evening classes are available. The $80 fee is due on the first class and registration is required. 

    For more information, please call the Diabetes and Nutrition Center at 706-272-6079.