Little Things and Big Things - Jan 2017

    Our Thanks to…

    Hamilton Associates who work around the clock during the holidays to provide the best in care for our community

    Shana Whiteford and the staff of Judd Cancer Center for coordinating Christmas for a patient family in need 

    Laura Sangster, Traci Stanley, Bradley Fox, Cara Elkins and Royal Oaks support staff for their outstanding food and service for our events and meetings

    James Beach, Kaye Gordon, and Beverly Crump in Hamilton Payroll for their assistance with our Payroll deduction membership option for our many new Hamilton Ambassadors 

    Shelia Baker and Cheryl Vaughn for their commitment to being the heart of Hamilton and being super supporters of the Foundation 

    Katie Harden for hand writing hundreds of Love Light acknowledgements

    Annual Support Committee members who have volunteered to chair upcoming events: Charles Maret (Brown Bag Luncheon), Jeff Riddlebarger (Doctor's Day Recognition), Oliver Cobb (Golf Invitational), Debra Haney (Hamilton Club Campaign), Brian Henton (Love Lights), Michel Bates (Swing for Wellness Tennis Tournament), and Roger Cheek (Tribute Gift Recognition)

    The following committee chairs and vice-chairs for their leadership: Robert Smalley (Signature Gifts); Jane Boggs and Rick Myers (Special Prospects); Kelly Jones and Larry Winter (Business Relations); Kim Brown and Jeff Riddlebarger (Annual Support); Tom Minor (Trust Committee)

    Jeff Heffelfinger, new Service Line Administrator for the Cancer Institute, for his presentations to various groups on the development of the Cancer Institute

    Sandy McKenzie and Jeff Myers for providing excellent Hamilton updates for our committees and hosting our Mondays with Myers and McKenzie tours

    Mike Allen, Dr. Jonathan Thompson and the Emergency Department staff for being so responsive to our community with their plan to improve patient processing and wait times  

    Everyone who made a gift in 2016 to the ONE Capital Campaign 

    All of You who are our best ambassadors in the community as we continue sharing our message and raising funds for the Cancer Institute