Little Things and Big Things - Feb 2017

    heartsOur Thanks to…

    Beth Blackburn for providing beautiful harp music, and Linda Blackman for playing handbells at our Hospice services in the Fall and Spring.

    Joanie Taylor for cheering us on in the community.

    Our Westcott Associate Committee (Brenda Knowles, Jeff Riddlebarger, Kim Brown, Susan Bramblett, Donna Greeson, Greg Greeson, Mark Griffin, Steve Laird, Matthew Moore, Cathy Snyder, and Joanie Taylor) for their hard work this past month.

    Brandon Combs for referring a fantastic speaker for our upcoming Hamilton Business Alliance Forum in April

    Will Pridgen for his diligence in working with potential new members.

    Bobby Wills who comes to the Foundation's rescue every time we call. 

    Krista Hall for coordinating our meeting room accommodations and seeing that our various housekeeping tasks are met.