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Summer 2013 - Hh magazine story

"I had a perfectly normal full-term pregnancy, labor, and delivery." says Jennifer.  "We didn't think we would need the services of a NICU.  It wasn't until Hattie was born that we were told that she was having trouble breathing."


NICU - Clark family

July 2012

I had my daughter at 36 weeks. My labor was very quick. When my daughter came out I knew something wasn't right. After a couple of hours of abnormal blood sugars and temps she was taken to the nicu which was one of my biggest fears, when I was pregnant. Angie (nicu RN) talked with me comforted me and was very honest and caring about my daughter and my family. My daughter had a bad infection and things got iffy for a few days. Angie was there she told us exactly what was going on and answered any questions we had. My heart was broken and I blamed myself but thanks to miss Angie I know its not my fault. Thank u Angie for making me feel like family and thank u to all of the nicu staff for saving my beautiful precious little girl's life. A. 


Summer 2012 - Hh magazine story

 "Dr Glass suggested that Albert and I tour Hamilton Medical Center's NICU in preparation for our twin's early pre-term birth,"says Mandy Coley.  "We were overwhelmed but meeting Hamilton's neonatologists and nurses and learning about what the NICU offered eased our fears."

 Coley Family  + Dr. Kennedy and Dr. Thomas


November 2010

My son was born 11/21/10.  He was born at 35 weeks - and 300 miles away from our home!  My family and I live in Statesboro, GA.  I was in Dalton visiting my parents and for a baby shower.  I was scheduled for a c-section on 12/9 however he had other plans!  After he was born we met with Dr. Kennedy and within a few hours she made the decision that he needed to be taken to the NICU due to his inability to eat and maintain his temperature.  As a first time mom I was feeling all sorts of emotions - scared, upset, nervous, etc.  Dr. Kennedy was very upfront and honest with me about my son's situation and no matter how much I didn't want to hear what she had to say, she made sure that I not only heard it - but I understood.  

As soon as I walked into the NICU for the first time I felt a sense of calmness.  I knew my son was going to receive excellent care; and he did for 2 weeks.  The staff always made me feel as though my son was the only one - and I watched as they made each parent feel the exact same way.  In addition to the care she provided my son, Dr. Kennedy helped me learn to be a mother and gave me the confidence I was lacking when he was born.  We say our prayers every night and every night we say a special prayer for her.  I would not me the mother my son deserves if it was not for Dr. Liz Kennedy.  Thank you,  J.H.  

November 2010

"I was 31 weeks pregnant with identical twin girls (picture shown with Anthony Sides, RN, BSN on Neonatologist page), I was on bed rest in the hospital for three days prior to their birth... My girls were born at 2 lb 14 oz and 2 lb 13 oz, and was taking straight to NICU. Everyone there was GREAT and treated us all like more than just their patients parents. They all helped me know what was going on with my kids. And never tried to sugar coat anything, which I really liked. Id rather know the whole truth, whether it be good or bad, not just part of it. Thank you, everyone in NICU, for doing what you do, if I had to do it all over again, I would most definitely stay with you guys. Y'all are absolutely amazing!" S.F.

Summer 2010 - Hh magazine story

"We've been blessed with great care." Brad says.  "With everything happening so quickly, having a NICU close to home gives us the ability to come home and receive the rest we need to get through the next day.  We are very thankful for all the doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists involved in Kylor's care."


NICU-Gable family

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