Healthier You Program

    We understand that losing weight and maintaining the weight loss over an extended period of time is difficult.

    Hamilton Healthier You is a non-supplement weight loss program focusing on behavior changes to facilitate safe, lasting weight loss.  The program is taught by health care professionals. A session fee of $249 also includes access to Bradley Wellness Center.  This class is appropriate for anyone who wishes to lose weight, whether it is 10 pounds or 100 pounds.  Day and evening classes are available.

    During the twelve-week course, a team of dietitians and exercise specialists educate and motivate participants about food journaling, increasing activity, and modifying behaviors. Participants learn how to plan balanced meals and even take a grocery store tour to practice healthy, cost-effective shopping.

    The program includes:

    ·       8 group sessions focused on nutrition, healthy eating, and lifestyle modification.

    ·       4 individual sessions with the dietitian to customize your program

    ·       A fitness consultant at Bradley Wellness Center

    ·       Bradley Wellness Center membership for the duration of the program


    The education is provided by a team of dietitians and exercise specialists, who specialize in weight management.

    For more information, please call the Diabetes and Nutrition Center at 706-272-6079