Community Members Serving On Patient, Family Experience Council At Hamilton Medical Center

Thursday, October 27, 2016



As part of Hamilton Medical Center’s (HMC) ongoing commitment to not only meeting patients’ but exceeding them, six community members and four HMC associates are serving on the hospital’s Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC).


“PFAC is important because we bring the patient experience to the staff, and physicians at HMC,” said Beth Randolph, chair of the group and risk management director for Beaulieu Group. “It’s a constant reminder that the human element also needs to be considered when taking care of someone’s medical needs.”

PFAC members focus on providing ongoing feedback to assist HMC in improving the quality, safety and efficiency of services offered to patients and families; strengthening communication and collaboration among patients, families and other -
professional and HMC professional staff and associates; promoting information sharing between HMC and the patients, families and the community; aiding in establishing HMC’s organizational priorities in response to , family and community needs; and promoting patient and family advocacy and involvement.

“I serve on the PFAC because it is important to me that each patient and their family members know what to expect when they are at HMC,” said Randolph. We want to make sure that they are treated with respect by everyone they come in contact with; that they are given a good understanding of why they are there; they know what things will be like when they go home; and that they have a good experience accessing HMC.”


According to Shelia Baker, director of Patient Experience and Organizational Development, driver of Hamilton’s PFAC is to improve patient safety throughout the organization. “It gives our customers a voice in how we do things at Hamilton,” she said. “That voice then helps us to see our processes from the eyes of our customers.”


Community members on HMC’s PFAC include Beth Randolph, Theresa Gordon, Bob Harrell, Brad Jones, Ruby Sane and Manuel Lopez. Four Hamilton associates serve on the council. They include Baker, Davida Sanders, Kim Reynolds and Stephen Rohn, MD.

“We look at a variety of factors that might affect patient and family experience,” Randolph said. “Can folks find their way around the campus? Do people know that HMC is on social media? What is the process in the Emergency Department? Do patients know what to expect when they go home? It’s a constant process to work on both short- and long-term goals.”


Hamilton’s PFAC is looking for additional members. In addition to being a former patient or patient caregiver, candidate qualifications include: a willingness to attend regularly scheduled meetings, at least six times per year; an open mind and a positive approach; a willingness to voice opinions; an openness to working with people whose backgrounds, experiences and styles are different from their own; and commitment to HMC’s mission and vision to meet the health care needs of this community in such a way that advances the quality and dignity of life while being the region’s first choice for health care.


If you are a former HMC patient or caregiver of a patient and are interested in becoming a member of the PFAC at HMC, please visit or email


Photo: Community members on HMC’s Patient and Family Advisory Council are pictured. From left are Brad Jones, Ruby Sane, Bob Harrell, Beth Randolph, Manuel Lopez and Theresa Gordon.