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    HLTC: A Shared Commitment For Diverse Needs

    "The shared ownership and management that Hamilton's skilled nursing facilities enjoy have allowed the four centers a synergy very rarely seen in the long-term care industry," reports Gary Howard, Senior Vice President of Hamilton Health Care System.

    Managed by Ethica Health and Retirement Communities, each HLTC facility focuses on a specific care niche. By doing so, they offer a level of specialization unavailable to most other long-term care centers.

    Each facility is equipped for specialized care needs including Regency Park, a 100-bed facility, which specializes in short-term rehabilitation in addition to offering long-term care. Most residents at Regency Park come with the intent of returning to the home environment once their rehabilitation is complete.

    Quinton Memorial is a 120-bed facility that specializes in medically complex patients.
    At Quinton, the typical resident can have a number of serious illnesses, including tracheostomy and feeding tubes, wounds, and intravenous therapy. They may require extensive post-surgical care, need rehabilitation or other long-term care.

    Ridgewood Manor, which has 102 beds and Wood Dale, which has 82 beds, both specialize in dementia-related conditions in addition to long-term care. Residents who have a greater-than-normal need for assistance in making decisions for themselves, or keeping themselves safe, are best served at these facilities.

    In addition to each facility’s specialties, all four share common offerings. All four offer physical, occupational and speech therapies, social services and activities adapted to the individual's needs.

    "Above all," emphasizes Howard, "all four HLTC facilities share a dedication and commitment of all aspects of residents' care, including spiritual, emotional and physical care needs."