Multidisciplinary Team

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It takes a community of health care services to fully treat a patient and this is especially true of our cancer patients, that is where our multidisciplinary team steps in. 

Case Management Services
Worries about finances, lack of insurance, transportation, or inability to pay for prescriptions can interfere with cancer care. Our Case Management Department is dedicated to help patients find possible avenues for assistance.  For more information about how our Case Management  Department may help you, call 706.272.6060

Nutrition is one of the fundamental elements for fighting cancer.  Many patients with the disease will undergo involuntary weight loss, taste changes, decreased energy, and loss of appetite; therefore it is very important to maximize the nutrition these patients are receiving.  There are multiple ways the dietitian is involved in the care of a cancer patient.  Those individuals with head and neck cancers may need the support of a feeding tube if their ability to chew and swallow is impaired.  Some patients with changes in appetite and taste will need specialized meal planning to help them consume enough food to meet their needs.  Furthermore cancer is a hypermetabolic disease, and to maintain weight and lean body mass, patients will often need nutrition counseling and support to meet the increased demand for energy and protein.

We have registered dieticians available to meet with patients undergoing cancer care.  Please talk to your doctor or nurse if you experience side effects that affect your appetite or weight so the dietician can be consulted if necessary.

Home Health Care
Cancer patients undergoing treatment sometimes requires the assistance of Home Health. Home Health is the best avenue to assist the home bound cancer patient with a variety of support services such as nursing care, pain management, physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing assistants, and personal aids. For more information about how Home Health might be helpful, please click on this link.

Living life to the fullest is the goal of hospice. Some cancer patients exhaust treatment options for their illness. When this happens, patients need to switch their focus from time consumed with treatments, to time consumed with living. Hospice focuses more on people and less on cancer. Their goal is to provide tools for symptom relief so you can concentrate on spending quality time however you choose. If you want to see how Hospice can help you, please click on this link.

Wound Care
While the majority of cancer patients have no lingering side effects, there are a small percentage of patients that may experience delayed wound healing (radiation necrosis). Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) can be used for helping patients who have undergone radiation therapy and are now suffering the after-effects such as visible or internal wounds.  HBO can help get more oxygen to reach the tissues and initiate the healing process. Studies have shown that HBO can be very effective in treating a variety of chronic conditions and skin reactions. To learn more about the wound care center and HBO, please click on this link.

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