Gifts of Remembrance

Gifts of Remembrance

A gift in memory or in honor of a loved one has become an expression of thoughtfulness to many. These types of gifts, in any amount, are appropriate ways to recognize someone's life, a relative or friend's birthday, or other special occasion and will support patient care at Hamilton and promote health and wellbeing in our community.

March 30th is National Doctors’ Day

This day Doctor’s Appreciation Dayprovides a unique way to show your appreciation. . . to say thank you to the outstanding women and men who protect the health and lives of our families and community.  Doctors perform vital diagnosis and provide treatment and care for you and your family.

Please join us in honoring these special physicians by participating in Whitfield Healthcare Foundation's Gifts of Remembrance program.  While the amount of your gift will remain confidential, each thoughtful Gifts of Remembrance donation will be promptly acknowledged to the doctor or doctors of your choice using a specially designed Doctors’ Day Appreciation Card.   Add a special “Note of Appreciation” in the section provided.

Donations will benefit Hamilton Cancer Institute.

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