Our Generosity Network - Nov 2016

    Autumn Leaves 

         For our family, fall has always been a time of renewal. Maybe it stems from raising children, and the advent of a new school year. Fall tends to offer the comfort of a familiar routine with a sprinkling of fun weekend diversions. Whatever the reason, fall refreshes many of us. Fall brings with it that first crisp autumn day. It’s football season, homecoming, arts festivals, and the vivid colors of the changing leaves. It also signals our season of harvest.

         At the Foundation, we approach harvest reflecting on the wonderful year we’ve shared together. In January we celebrated the launch of our ONE campaign to raise funds for an integrated, state-of-the-art cancer institute for our region. Yes, Hamilton was bold, the project an ambitious one to transform cancer care. Since our launch we have hosted committee meetings, garden club presentations, focus groups, a Hamilton employee campaign and recognition events honoring our generous donors. Our calendar has been full with our golf and tennis tournaments, breast cancer awareness events, and a number of community social events and educational programs.

         No time is more important to us than our time we spend with you, our community - our generosity network. For out of this network flows so much more than contributions to support the Foundation. Our generosity network is filled with people of vision, energy, creativity, courage, wisdom, and passion for our community. Our connections with each other form a collaborative and dynamic network with the capacity to achieve great things together.

         More than ever the Foundation looks to evolve with our community. Socrates put it perfectly when he instructed us that the secret of change is to focus all of your energy, “not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” How appropriate as we look to ‘build the new’ in our Cancer Institute.

         Since coming on board a year ago in November, I made a commitment to myself, to my family and to Hamilton to do my small part in helping change the face of cancer care in our community. I, like many of you, have been closely touched by cancer. My story and family history with the disease is not an uncommon one. But what my story does provide for me is the passion to change things. Change will come as we work together in our generosity network to make Hamilton’s vision a reality.

         Our relationship with our community is at the heart of what we do. I challenge each of you to make a personal commitment to this campaign. Hamilton is your community hospital, and as we commit to putting families, friends and neighbors first, together we will succeed. One Vision. One Institute. One Community. One Decision. Our community is counting on us.

    With grateful appreciation,