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    Hamilton is once again on the forefront of innovative options for the treatment of more!

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    Surgical Weight Loss Support
    Safe surgical procedures, including gastric banding, gastric bypass, and the new gastric sleeve also are options for eligible patients. While not every patient is a good candidate for these  procedures, patients may find weight-loss surgery to be an effective tool in the fight against obesity.  Find out more - click here  

    A Drastic Difference



     Angela Carpenter 
    Angela Carpenter

    Angela, 47, underwent the gastric band procedure at Hamilton Health Care System in 2003.   Since then, she’s been eating right, exercising, and succeeding—she’s lost 195 pounds and is within 10 pounds of her personal goal weight.

    Before the procedure, Angela took more than 10 types of medication every day for medical conditions such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Thanks to her dramatic weight loss, however, she now only needs one pill each day. Angela also has the energy to exercise and enjoy her hobbies, including walking and traveling.

    “It’s been a slow, gradual process, but I’ve been able to keep the weight off, which is a big accomplishment for me because I’ve battled with weight my entire life,” Angela says. “When I first started my weight loss journey, I worried there was no way I would succeed. However, I continue to take each step slowly. I found it is possible to achieve weight loss as long as you set attainable goals and don’t let minor setbacks throw off your program completely.” 


    Gastric Band

    The Gastric Band is a surgical option used by leading surgeons around the world for the treatment of serious obesity. The aim of the Gastric Band System is long-term weight loss, achieved by reducing the capacity of the stomach.

    The silicone adjustable band component of the Gastric Band System is placed around the upper part of the stomach, forming a small gastric pouch to limit the intake of food and slow the emptying process from the stomach into the intestines. No cutting or stapling of the stomach is required, and there is no need to bypass portions of the stomach or intestines.

    The Gastric Band System has been designed for laparoscopic placement, which offers the advantages of reduced trauma, reduced post-operative pain, shortened hospital stay and quicker recovery. If for any reason the Gastric Band System needs to be removed, the stomach generally returns to its original form.  Find out more... 

    Gastric Bypass

    According to the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery and the National Institutes of Health, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is the current gold standard procedure for weight loss surgery. It is one of the most frequently performed weight loss procedures in the United States. In this procedure, stapling creates a small (15 to 20cc) stomach pouch. The remainder of the stomach is not removed, but is completely stapled shut and divided from the stomach pouch. The outlet from this newly formed pouch empties directly into the lower portion of the jejunum, thus bypassing calorie absorption. This is done by dividing the small intestine just beyond the duodenum for the purpose of bringing it up and constructing a connection with the newly formed stomach pouch. The other end is connected into the side of the Roux limb of the intestine creating the "Y" shape that gives the technique its name. The length of either segment of the intestine can be increased to produce lower or higher levels of malabsorption. Find out more... 

    Gastric Sleeve

    Dr. Ponce explains, "We remove the part of the stomach that produces the hormone that triggers the urge to eat. This helps tremendously with patient compliance, which is critical to the success of any procedure." Dr. Ponce continues, "One of the main advantages of this procedure is that it does not restrict absorption during the digestive process, so it is easier for patients to get proper nutrition while taking in less food. Many patients also like the fact that this procedure uses no foreign body, as with the Gastric Band."

    According to Dr. Ponce, "In terms of risk, the sleeve procedure is in between the bypass and the banding procedure. It is equally effective with helping patients reach and maintain their desired weight."  Find out more...

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