Take it to Heart is a two night program offering education seminar and a free cardiac risk assessment with a calcium scoring.

    The first night, consists of an educational seminar at the Hamilton Brown Conference Center. The seminar usually meets on Tuesday night; begins at 6pm and typically lasts until 7:30pm.

    The 2nd appointment, Saturday, the participant will be scheduled for the cardiac risk assessment. The assessment includes blood pressure measurement, lab work (total cholesterol and HDL), height, weight and a series of questions.

    The information collected during the assessment will be calculated into a formula that will provide the participants risk % of developing heart disease in the next 10 years. Recommendations for follow up will be based on the outcome of the assessment.

    This program is free and open to anyone who has a family history of heart disease and who is not currently begin treated by a cardiologist.  This program meets quarterly.

    Call 706-272-6114 to register for the next available session.

    Learn more about Heart Disease and Women.

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