Get Moving

    To enjoy a long and healthy life, everyone should make lifestyle choices that include a healthy diet, regular exercise, and maintaining normal weight. The combination of inactivity and eating the wrong foods is the second most common preventable cause of death in the United States (smoking is the first).

    Most research on the benefits of exercise focuses on heart protection. Studies clearly show that exercise helps the heart. In addition, studies are reporting that even people at higher risk for heart disease may gain important protection from exercising.

    Regardless of your fitness level, the Bradley Wellness Center is a good place to exercise. With affordable monthly dues and a variety of classes that range from aerobics and hiking to cooking nutritious meals, members can take advantage of a variety of offerings that allow them to live a more healthy, active life. Members who want to maximize their fitness routines have the option of
    working with one of the Center’s personal trainers. Check out Bradley Wellness Center.

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