Breast Cancer

HDC Breast Imagilng Center or Excellence 

Changes in the breast occur naturally over a woman’s lifetime. Some changes are harmless, but other developments need medical intervention.

Hamilton Health Care takes breast health seriously. That’s why we offer the best in diagnostic testing and treatment options for both malignant (cancerous) and benign (non-cancerous) breast issues. Breast cancer patients at Hamilton benefit from the combined care of a radiologist, breast cancer surgeon, radiation oncologist and medical oncologist.

The Hamilton Regional Cancer Institute and the Judd Cancer Center are two key elements of Hamilton’s breast cancer treatment programs.

Breast Cancer Information Videos 

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Hamilton Regional Cancer Institute

Hamilton Regional Cancer Institute is a comprehensive center devoted to providing seamless, fast-track cancer care between physicians and hospital services. Here, you will take advantage of same day/next day consultations with all of the cancer specialists that will be involved in developing your individualized treatment plan.

New patients are evaluated in an initial consultation through one of our patient navigators.

Patient Navigator

  • Works hand in hand with cancer specialists
  • Located at physician offices and where hospital services are provided
  • Provides compassion, education, patient information and guidance

State-of-the-art modalities are offered and coordinated among an array of cancer treatment specialists including surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and various university staff physicians from all over the country.

Highlights of HRCI

  • Affiliates of Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center
  • Affiliates of Seattle Prostate Institute
  • Accredited by the American College of Surgeons on Cancer
  • National Cancer Institute
  • Northwest Georgia Regional Cancer Coalition (NWGRCC)
  • NWGRCC tumor bank supports cancer research

When the subject is cancer, sometimes the most urgent need is information. The Hamilton Regional Cancer Institute offers an information line and a cancer library. Both services are free and open to the public each business day. A commitment to innovative therapies and streamlined service are integral components in our Breast Cancer Program. We take a multidisciplinary approach, drawing from the expertise of a team of specialists at weekly conferences to determine the best treatment options and plan of care for each patient.

After a treatment course has been recommended, the physician and nurse coordinator meet with patients and their families to help them to fully understand the treatment, potential side effects and support services that are available.

Targeted Radiation Treatment 

New breast cancer treatment at Hamilton Medical Center, cut therapy times by ninety percent. That means you have more time to concentrate on healing and living your fullest life.

While traditional radiation therapy requires five to seven weeks of treatments, Hamilton’s new program offers a more precisely targeted approach that is equally effective and requires only five days. This new regimen delivers the same level of cancer-destroying radiation, but much more targeted. The more precise biopsy-based targeting also reduces risk to surrounding healthy tissue.

Dramatically faster, safe, just as effective and provided by experienced breast care specialists close to home—it all adds up to the kind of innovative care you’ve come to expect from Hamilton Medical Center.

For additional information go to American Cancer Society link for breast cancer.

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