Hamilton Medical Center Innovative Full Spectrum Endoscopy®

 Insist on Fuse!

Hamilton Medical Center Innovative Full Spectrum Endoscopy® Procedure for increased visualization of the colon.

Our facility is one of the first in the nation to use EndoChoice’s Fuse® endoscope system.

Although colonoscopy exams prevent many colon cancer deaths and are the gold standard, for detecting colorectal cancers, the procedure is not completely effective in preventing cancer cases. For this reason, HamiltonMedical Center has invested in an innovative technology that allows doctors to see nearly twice the anatomy seen with a traditional, forward-viewing endoscope. 

FUSE Scope systemThe Fuse endoscope system from EndoChoice®, Inc. uses three small cameras at the tip of a flexible GI endoscope. Unlike standard, forward-viewing endoscopes that use a single camera, the Fuse system lets doctors see nearly twice as much surface area. 

“The Fuse endoscope is all about seeing more of the GI tract. It projects the expanded view on three screens to give physicians previously unseen views, such as behind colonic folds and difficult anatomy. We are pleased to offer this important new technology to our community.”

Talk with your physician about when it’s the right time for a colonoscopy for you. Insist on FUSE. 

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